DIY – Screening In A Small Porch or Deck

DIY – Screening In A Small Porch or Deck

Basic carpentry using half & cross lap joints. Basic technique that can be used in framing a porch or deck area in to add bug screening. A Big Box screen framing kit material was used. However, the use of the kit did not save time or money. The final appearance looked good, but it could have been achieved with wood trim at a lesser cost. Time was consumed in rolling in the screen spline which gets easier with practice, but is trying at the very start.



Jeff Purcell says:

Nice job. Your man cave and work shop are sweet. Nicely done.

tank says:

Nice music too

Lloyd Bingham says:

Thank you Mr. Wadlington!!!!!

SparkeyDogfish says:

Skip the intro for god sakes.

ThatsRight says:

Nice job. I agree, rolling the spline to get the screen tight is a pain in the butt.

The Garners says:

Did you secure the bottom boards to the patio floor with screws? I have a concrete patio and am unsure what to do in that regard.

Sandra R says:

Hi, I have a farmer's porch and was wondering if it would look OK to screen part or all of it being on the front of the house in a metro area

Caleb Gremmer says:

Come for the carpentry. Stay for the smooth jams.

Ronnie Kotler says:

Good video thanks

Nick Torres says:

I enjoy working with my hands I’m young only 22 years old but I’m a ASE technician and I love DIY love you channel I’m building a screened in porch on my house and seeing your video gave me a good concept and feel of how to tackle the job. Thank you!!

DesertFish says:

One would think I'm about to watch a 2 hour feature film…

R Willis says:

Thumbs up you remind me of my dad man I almost shed a tear in his memory!! Excellent work sir “from nothing to something all by hand!!!” I think a lot of comments are just frustrated people who didn’t think some skill would be involved lol. I’m not afraid of a saw and it’s pretty simple. Just moved to Florida keeping this video handy. Thank you sir and God Bless!!!

Chaz Padalino says:

Bob should have repaired his patio first!!!

maa4747 says:

14 Babies were made to this music in the last year!!!

seansurfn2 says:

lol i love how your sitting on the roller chair.. i need to do that some time to save my back :p

minnie henry says:


Vicki Glenn says:

Love your shop and the old DeWalt. Thanks for the video. I have a similar set up and this video helped a lot.

Mus Kin says:

Good job Sir. looks great

Romana Angersbach says:

I am sure that you will find good way to make it on stodoys Webpage.

Thomas Slendebroek says:

Nice job and looks great. I have redo my screen porch. I will use battons to cover my staples and edges like you suggested.

lovelylouro says:

I love this! This is EXACTLY what I need to do. Sheesh, I hope it's easy… Thanks for sharing!

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