How to Build, Setup and Pour a Room Addition Foundation

How to Build, Setup and Pour a Room Addition Foundation

Building and pouring a room addition Foundation! In this video we will be showing you how to we built and poured this concrete foundation. This is a great project to add extra value to your home and get more sq footage out of it. We hope you enjoy the video so dont forget to LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE, and COMMENT if you have any questions!

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s Sanshez says:

@occ do you do work in Chino?

Eric Anglim says:

love the videos, im not a concrete guy but its always a good informative watch especially that im looking to transform my back porch to a room

maurice0616 says:

great videos. was just curious why no expansion lines were cut into concrete?

jh h says:

Did you have to cover the copper pipe where it comes through the slab and did you have to anchor/epoxy the rebar into the slab where it meets the house?

McGyver777ATGMAIL says:

Cost? Thinking of adding kitchen back of house one day…

K Yenzo. says:

Great vid man!

Ansell Warren says:

Question, should the re-barb for the slab should have been tied to existing foundation by per-drilling holes?

AJourneyOfYourSoul says:

Wow, no frost line. First time I have ever seen a couple guys casually dig the footer by hand, lol. Must be nice.

Katie Elisabeth says:

What is the purpose of building the floor 6" over on all sides, anyway?

Ismael Torres says:

Hey I’m looking to make an add on how much would wone cost about that size

Adrian Davis says:

"Room addition?" Where are the footings to handle the load?

Grand Slam says:

How much was this job

papa karlor says:

With this being a room addition, shouldn't you tie rebar into the existing foundation? Will the slab not shift indepently from the house, potentially causing gaps with the new construction? I'm doing an addon this summer and any info would be helpful. PS I also live in the midwest, where we have big temperature swings, slabs are obviously done slightly different up here.
Thanks, love the vids!

mateo lucy says:

Beautiful work mate. Cheers from Down Under.

GrantDTL says:

How much are concrete pumps out in your area? Up here in Quebec they cost an arm and a leg.

MrJuche23 says:

It would be great if you can make a video on how to grade the area and get a nice 2 inch slope.

James Donlan says:

Can I use dog hair clippings in place of glass fibre?

Anthony Anderson says:

after the job is complete what do you do with the extra cement? I see you usually fill a wheelbarrow for touch-ups, low spots.etc…

john smith says:

Wow lots of work for two guys? Great job

gmoney says:

Mr. Odell how do you charge the rebar? By linear foot? Or square foot? Because is averaging $3-$5 square foot for concrete, but adding rebar is would be more.

RJM@54 says:

RJM@54 3/25/2018
am I the only one that noticed the black kitty cat
looking out of the sliding glass door in this video

Danny theplumber says:

Thank you for explaining the 6" sloped edge features, I learned a valuable technique !

jimmy spencer says:

you do awsome work putting a concrete deck next to asphalt driveway wondering how to bond them together anchors might tear up asphalt thinking of bonding agent? thanks

Fish Sabby says:

shouldn't you have expansion joints where both concrete meet?

Google User says:

Hello, as a Mixer driver in Phoenix for 25 years you do things a little different in CA, I was wondering why you do not tamp the concrete bringing the creamy cement to the top? Also I would say 99.99% of driveways and all flatwork here in Phoenix they don't use rebar just concrete over ABC (sand & rock), and even then almost never do they compact the ABC. Any comments? Thank you and good work.

Jonathan Lloyd says:

you can tell a guy is very experienced with concrete finishing when you see him talking on his cell phone and bull floating simultaneously. he makes it look too easy.

Gregory May says:

I can't see how you achieve a flat , level surface? BY hand? By eye?

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