Installing Insulation and Hanging Drywall, Porch Addition Project Vid #11

Installing Insulation and Hanging Drywall, Porch Addition Project Vid #11

In this video I demonstrate how I installed fiberglass wall insulation and hung drywall in the new addition project room. I grouped these two procedures into one video because I feel they were the simplest parts of the overall porch conversion process. This video is part 11 of a series demonstrating how I converted my existing porch into a new living space addition.

Drywall Bit “dimpler” =
Drywall Screws (for wood frame walls) =
Cordless Drill =
Installing the insulation basically required using the right type of insulation and cutting it to fit the spaces between the wall framing. To install the drywall I started by placing full length boards vertically and worked my way around the room. I then cut out the window openings and used scrap pieces to fill any smaller remaining wall spaces.

This was a gratifying phase of the room addition project. Knowing that all the exterior work had been complete and only interior efforts remained was a great feeling. I hope this how to install insulation and how to hang drywall video is helpful to viewers. Please leave any questions or comments below.



12dollacigarette says:

Excellent series. You wouldn't happen to be a mechanical engineer?

RAY T says:

How did you insulate the ceiling ?

Kyle Cheney says:

Joe, as a fellow builder who watches a ton of construction videos, your explanations and video editing are top notch man. Thanks for the time you've put into your videos

ICE Ngage says:

i just subscribed to your channel because these videos are GREAT help on my project to turn my porch to another room. After browsing your channel just realized you are in Jacksonville, Fl. hahaha

Kuwait Kuwait says:

Perfect 👌

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