Lazy Girl Plant Hacks

Lazy Girl Plant Hacks

#HeyGoogle, let’s DIY for our plants! We’re so excited to announce that this video is sponsored by Google. You guys KNOW we love plants, and our whole life revolves around DIY – so a plant based DIYs are really the venn diagram of our dreams. We DIY and use the Google Assistant to come up with a genius routine that will make caring for plants a breeze (and also keep them alive at the same time).

Want to see how to water your plants on vacation with the Google Assistant? Check out this link:

Here’s what went down in our “Hey Google, pamper my plants” routine:
Google Home Mini plays jungle paradise sounds
Grow lights turn on
Turntables with plants rotate
Watering system turns on
Humidifier turns on
Nest thermostat sets the perfect temperature
Shades open to let in sunlight

Check out the blog post here:
Get the LED panel here:

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This video is sponsored by Google.

The Google Assistant is available on Android and iOS phones, Google Home products, and for use with select smart devices.
Sequences shortened and simulated. Google Assistant Routines are created by the user and do not immediately exist as presented in this video. Working internet and wifi required.

Please note that we are not professionals and that all projects seen on our channel must be completed at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any harm or injury that may occur. Be safe!



BlinkFU says:

Wow i mean wow

Jeremiah Aquitania says:

You actually activated my google home mini 😅

Ina Mart says:

No spy in my house…you cant trust google assistant to not listen to anything in your house and send it to who knows who

Devante Louis says:

Where is that fake greenhouse from?

faith ramsey says:

Do more plant stuff

Holly Maxwell says:

Why humidifier did you use?

Aimee Hodgin says:

I love the fact that you build & diy most things you think is important enough to put on a video!! You Go Girlie Girls!! I know that plants at Lowe's on sale are super cheap, & I have gotten most of my Fiddle Leaf Figs, Yucca, Dracaena, Pepperomia, Sansaveria, & not only have I researched each of these marvelous plants to find out what they need but follow through. Keep rocking in the Free World! 🙂

Jiannalin Lopez says:

Wow I’m amazed!

Ewka ewka says:

Lol girl my Google is listening to you 😂

Tahoy J says:

Where are the turntables from? it's not listed on your blog or in the google video you linked

Megan Richter says:

This is all wrong. Why in the world would you put all those plastic things in the pot instead of literally just watering them like a regular person? LITERALLY just pour the water into the soil. That saucer trapping water under the plant is going to cause root rot. The plant is totally root bound in that water bottle, and fertilizer every 14 days is going to burn the poor things.

Ethan, Just Ethan says:

Actually some pretty cool ideas! It's really a shame, though, that these are only for girls… That's too bad 😩


Silly google. That’s a firecracker aglaonema.

Nandita Ratan says:

I'm sorry, I've followed you guys for so long and only just saw this video and its is just such a let down. I love when your hacks are accessible and budget friendly and titled right. I'm happy that you guys are being sponsored and all but nothing about this is a "lazy girl" guide. Why would anyone want to put that much plastic in their soil? Isn't the point of having indoor plants a way of making up for our lack of garden spaces?

yoshii2011xo says:

I want google to care for my plants

H Q says:

What is that wooden frame structure called, the one on the thumbnail that the lamps are hanging from?

Triple D Khat says:

The first plant is an Aglaonema Red Siam. Just buy a self watering pot… this was hard to watch as a plant mom. I love the set up though.

PinkShisa says:

I appreciate how technology helps us in our daily life, but I’m sorry Google. The reason many people enjoy having plant is to water them, adjust where to place them, etc. This just gets rids of the fun of having plants…

Kristen Tenwolde says:

This was disappointing

Anna T says:

1. the plant was misidentified
2. that plant is already root bound now and will die
3. don’t fertilise your plants with that pls use worm castings or buy some from the store and once you first start using it dilute it to half
4. those grow lights are just a little too close to the plants

Ray Potion says:


Ann DeAngelo says:

I hope TheSorryGirls are "SORRY" they gave everyone who watched this video inaccurate information.

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