Screen Porch – Start to Finish in 5 minutes

Screen Porch – Start to Finish in 5 minutes

The building of a screen porch, in five minutes.



Sean Durgin says:

pretty sure that OSB decking is not code

Lee Murray says:

Great work. Dumb question, in FL we have mosquitoes. How do you stop them from coming in underneath through floor?

TLC says:

You guys are fuckin dumb. It’s a 5 min video- you see how big the porch is, did you really click on this to learn!!???? Lmao,

Miguel Luna says:

This shit doesn't help anybody

Thomas O'Leary says:

how much $ ?

Elise Leonard says:

This is about as helpful as a box of rocks!!

711 Hardcandy says:

just a matter of time the legs will Rot away and then you will have a sagging old expensive Porch ,

Yura Kovalec says:

Great to see that woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

Mehdi Gurbanov says:

Very cool. Thanks)

butchtropic says:

Wow, we learned a lot watching this vid…NOT, what a waste of time uploading this, I stopped it at less than a minute in.

theresa Mobley says:

What is the point??????? It is not beneficial, too fast, if you want to teach or share something, slow it down! You did not build a porch in 5 min., but showed a useless  video in 5 min.

Omel Borpon says:

More like an ad for the contractor than a how-to video.

PCou says:

I know it's exactly three years since this video was posted, but I only just saw it now because I needed insight on how to do exactly what they're doing in this video. Unfortunately, the time-lapse is so fast that there's no way to see what they're doing. What a damned waste of a posting this video is, really, and a damned waste of time.

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