Steve’s screened-in porch storm window project

Steve’s screened-in porch storm window project

Just me showing my friend Lloyd (and Shirley) my storm window project: materials used, construction/assembly info, displaying some finished windows, etc.
To see additional information, such as cost of this project, and more information about sizing the frames for the openings, and a little more on the different types of foam, please watch this video on a pc, (not a mobile device). This additional info is on annotations which pop up on screen several times during the video. For some reason, annotations don’t work on mobile devices. Annotations are being replaced by “cards”, which DO work on mobile devices, youtube says. I looked into converting my annotations to cards, but they seemed to be more like “ads”, so I just kept my annotations.



Barb C says:

You put lots of thought in to this project. Ive been trying to figure out something for my porch windows. I hate it when the rain and snow blows in. Last year I stapled plastic up but was alot of work. Your windows look great. Took lots of time to complete.. My windows are ceiling to floor.

Voula Hadjiathanassiou says:

great job. But how do they stand up to strong winds? wouldn't
 you need to add something so they stay secure?

Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia says:

You are totally awesome! Great project & video

jim tigrett says:

I am motivated to do try this now. You provided thorough information that will be very helpful.

Naudi K says:

Wow! Very nice job! I am definately going to try these storm windows! Thank you so much for this great project and video! I hope mine look as professional as yours do!

Jason Evans says:

Nice job! I think I might try this project. Have the panels held up through the seasons since you built them?

Forsythia Hill says:

Very good Steve – nice porch! Video sound and quality very nice. U did a beautiful job and it sounds like u are getting results. It's nice to be able to extend your porch season. View looks great too! My windows look the same as the day I installed them. I can't believe the plastic has not degraded. Pretty amazing. Thanks for the finished project update and video. Enjoy those warm days when u can this winter! I'll be crying inside gazing out through my empty screened porch – boo hoo. Unfort, it is on the 2nd story and the floor is treated lumber — so air can come up through the floor. It would be a job to convert it to a winter porch. Sounds like we need a little addition project next. Take care! -Rebecca

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