Wall Framing to Enclose Existing Covered Porch

Wall Framing to Enclose Existing Covered Porch

Currently I am enclosing this porch to create additional living space. This brief clip shows the wall framing being installed over the new elevated concrete. I used 2 X 6 Framing and tied into the existing roof beam which is 3.5 inches wide. The wall had to be built stick by stick as each piece had to be cut to a unique length and notched accurately to go around the 3.5 inch beam. There was a slope in the beam which is why each piece of wall framing had to be a different length. I will be creating more thorough videos describing the specifics on how each component of this project conversion project in the near future. Please subscribe to be updated when those “How to” videos are published . The complete video series will focus on how to create a living space from an existing porch or patio or how to create a sunroom from a covered patio.

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Kevin MacLeod



Aarron E says:

Hey im going to try to close in one side of my screen porch as its where the rain comes in. It is framed pretty well already with 2x4s. Can i run it by you to give a few pointers?

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