Building Bird Houses That Match Our House (DIY Family Wood Project)

Building Bird Houses That Match Our House (DIY Family Wood Project)

Ever since we first moved into the treehouse we have been wanting to build some birdhouses to bring more birds to our yard. They are great for eating the bugs, which we have a plethora of around here. We decided this weekend was the perfect time to start some family wood working crafts. We also decided to put our own twist on the birdhouses and name them after each other– how could we forget Winston? Watch to see how we build our birdhouses and what we figured out during our wood working DIY craft project.

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James Curtis says:

Three Cheers for "Baby Pov" She is beautiful…Your Family is beautiful 🙂

Michelle Soliz says:

Build a bird feeder

regis b says:

Emmies embasy

Jerry Baker says:

You need a bed and breakfast in the neighborhood.

regis b says:

Hey Noah you aren’t building an ark. Nice boots. Lol. Love the fam vids. Keep up the great work both of you. Thanks for sharing

Fathom Woodworking says:

Emie’s Estate

its a me mario says:

im no mom but looks like her head needs some support 🙂

Stephanie Rodriguez says:

Oh cool, the parenting experts have graced us with their presence in the comments.

Jake Zegarski says:

Creek knife baby aka ckb

Rosie Cotton says:

The big entrance will make it easy for raccoons to get the bird eggs.

Michael Smith says:

Dropped the pacifier she immediately runs to wash it and sanitize it….Second baby will be wipe it off put it back into the mouth LOL !!! Mark my words

jay west says:

One of the best pieces of advise we received; don’t try to be quite around the baby, get them use to the noises of life so you don’t have to tiptoe every time they nap

Mark D Outdoors says:

Hey Justin! Hope you and OSG are having a great night! Just wondering what colour stain you used for your pallet wall in the fish cave?

Rick F says:

Geez my boy spits our his pacifier at least 20 times a day. The wife and I get ab and squats in every day picking them up. And when the dog runs with them we get at least a mile run in. LOL

eli Brown says:

Awesome Video

Mr.S 88 says:

Love the huge green rubber boots to make birdhouses Haha great look! 😆

trusten2 says:

Look up the hole size for owl houses, very important. Put one up, had an owl living in it in less than a week.

Bill White says:

Two awesome things that have entered LFG's life in the last 6 months, a baby and wood clamps.

Betsy Ross says:

Your baby’s head needed more support in the very beginning of the video. She’s super cute!🎀😊

Tim Hill says:

Get some Bird Black Sunflower seed. works great

Jack Carson says:

You two remind me of my wife and me 40+ years ago. With Emery, yall and now in the best time of your life.

Mark Sandoval says:

Great idea with the bird motels lol really enjoyed this video

G Lewis says:

Need to keep baby away from power tools. Hearing is much to sensitive at that age for the noise


Hearing protection for everybody.


you need some bird feeders out there, they will show up

leejproductions27 says:

You have to get a pacifier tether that clips to you or the blanket to keep the pacifier off the floor. Who knew baby's required so much equipment ?? LOL

Gary C says:

That cast iron skillet I see on your range will grill some of the best steaks in the world!!!! Better than the oven or broiler. Good video.

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