Easy DIY Custom LPS Doll Accessories: How to Make a Tiny Tree House

Easy DIY Custom LPS Doll Accessories: How to Make a Tiny Tree House

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Learn how to make a tiny tree house for your Littlest Pet Shop doll using a Pringles can.

Always ask a parent for help before starting any craft.

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It's Esmeralda C says:

And I love ur videos rainbow tinkles world can u make a unicorn for lps like a teddy bear please thanks

It's Esmeralda C says:

Who's watching in 2017

Alma Langford says:

did you try to find as small as the sticks?

Аня Каленик says:

Зроби дом для папуги в каробке🙏☺☺☺☺☺☺

УмЕлЫе РуЧкИ says:

у меня такаяже кошечка с розовой челочкой

Angeline Ramsey says:

i like the jagged it looks more real:)

Robert Deal says:

awesome idea

MiniLps TV says:

Thanks this was handy great job

lps arctic wolf says:

your scissors to make it not jagged

Erica Wright says:

hi I subscribd
I make my own
video's it's called

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ליאל אכילוב says:

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