Inside The Luxury $200,000 Treehouse: MAKING MAD

Inside The Luxury $200,000 Treehouse: MAKING MAD

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This luxurious treehouse complete with its own slide and open air tree shower is world’s away from your wooden childhood den. Hidden in a forest in West Dorset, the modern treehouse was built by London designer Guy Mallinson for the ultimate retreat for holidaymakers wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Woodsman’s Treehouse is a combination of sustainable craftsmanship and 5 star interiors including a sauna and hot tub on the upper deck, a revolving wood burner and even has something for those who want to really be at one with nature – an open air tree-shower. The treehouse has only been open to guests since the beginning of August 2016 but is already fully booked for the next few months, encouraging the designer to think about building a second tree house.

To book your stay at The Woodsman’s Treehouse or to join Guy on one of his woodworking courses, visit:

Videographer / director: Nick Stubbs
Producer: Crystal Chung, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Dan Cousins

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Koltred Anubus says:

yoda would shit his pants

Jean Dupla says:

This is how life should be.

harlemhornet says:

VERY cool. Now dont get me wrong I think this is great BUT for 200 grand…. I would of hoped for a little more. Iv been looking and i cant find ANY tree house's that are big and SUPER high up. Personally i would want a tree house REALLY high up in the air and large. Have a large modern type tree house a couple hundred feet up… that would be insane.

Taylor Swift says:


Virgo _1415 says:

The door is like the same style from SpongeBob SquarePants! Don't ask me how I remembered that.

Luke Tang says:

forest fire…

Sarah Rhoades says:

the slide part cracked me up haha

Lyon Of Judah says:

Better hide from wild animals and snakes

Sym Sym says:

very cute house

Tuco Remirez says:

Not up to code.. pay 30,000 dollar fine or be evicted…do not pass go.. do not collect your $200

Gangus Khan says:

200k.. tree house.

LT_LuckyLuke says:

no sir the slide isnt to dticky to slide down it… you judt got stuck with your fat ass

EmeraldSnowman says:

Does he live there?!?!?

Alelu Melelu says:

where is this ? how much per night ? where do I book this ?

Hayden Hembree says:

If you half to add stilts it's not a tree house

Khaled Alkahtany says:

lmao his attempt to slide

error error says:

Biggest fat old ugly troll

Zman Man says:

200k for a minecraft box?

Evelyn says:

sure this is cute in the day but what about at night when its pitch black and its only you and the sound of animals (or what you think are animals) running below the house

juls robertson says:

You'd never get me out of that copper tub!……"Is that a Squirrel peeping at me??"

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