Off The Grid Alaskan Tiny House In A Treehouse ~ Land & Building For $35k

Off The Grid Alaskan Tiny House In A Treehouse ~ Land & Building For $35k

This is part one of an awesome tree house being built a few miles outside of Seward, Alaska. As you can see from this video, the project is still underway. But, for someone who has minimal building experience, Trevor has done an amazing job with this tiny home. Later in the season I hope to bring you a follow up video detailing what this young couple does about electricity, water, sewage, interior decor and insights learned from the process. These two are living a life that almost everyone watching this video dreams about. Living in Alaska in their very own tiny house…all for around $35K!
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My Name says:

Call me when this is done.

Sand Man says:

That’s a cool bathroom

Woody's Adventure says:

Rain Harvesting sounds better for the water source for it… Plus water is a conductor for electricity any ways

Leo Wong says:

He looks like a nerd.

OLD C says:


Carl Brutananadilewski says:

I wouldn't feel safe with the extreme wind Alaska gets. If you've never lived up there, you wouldn't know. Second, forest fires in Alaska can get bad. Third, bears. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

nkauj hmoob tsis dog dig Vwj says:

I would like to see the view from around the house better than listening too much.

Conspiracy Theorist says:

Fuck all that you could have bought a houseboat with more room

Little Bear canoe company says:

Looks great guys

Laura Lei says:

he's Cute !

Rita Richardson says:

Absolutely rocks!

Jita'ame suluma says:

i think that building boxes as stairs would be better long term

Oldesouth Farm says:

Totally awesome!

OnWingsOfHope says:

It makes me nervous just watching them walking around their deck with no railings. It would have been the first thing I’d have added.

alan smlth says:

Way ,Way to many neighbors to close for me in view. but cool little tree house.

Rick Sanchez C137 says:

Having dealt with hemlock, I know that the 18 foot stump will be sturdy as a concrete piling for over 20 years…..then it will be time to go.

lancedaniels says:

Thanks for posting. Great videography. Great couple. Would love to see it when they are farther along w/their build.

Thomas Lierzer says:

Cool platform, respect!

Regina Estrada says:

you are cool, are u living there as u build?

Regina Estrada says:

l like this couple, nice job!!!
l wish l knew what it felt like to cook & sleep there!

Filip Jovanovic says:

A lot of people doing stuff like that or tiny houses seem really pretentious and not sincere at all. Not these two though, they're awesome!

Jr S says:

Died for a good cause? Lol

Lori Ann Cunliffe says:

Run Jane run…..

Lori Ann Cunliffe says:

Jane is miserable with this game

Richard Bedard says:

I live in a semi-primitive cabin that I am still building "on the fly" much like you are. I live on the side of a mountain and in the midst of a forest.

I'm Green says:

Cool place..but I will be afraid it will not hold after a while.

teeduck says:

Off the grid
Haha. To do what? Stare at the sky 24/7

rlof kln says:

l would really appreciate knowing what the background music is.

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