Timber Framed Treehouse Stairs | 37

Timber Framed Treehouse Stairs | 37

It’s timber framing treehouse stair building time. 4 days ago these stairs were nothing more than a log on the ground. Although the Alaskan chainsaw mill is slow it does allow you to build some pretty cool stuff.

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Bienenthor says:

Man, what you do to that tree LOL 🙂 Hope, that thing is still fine… I mean, it's been three years.

Leon K. says:

Why are you cutting in the tree all the time the challenge about building a tree house is to hurt the tree as less as possible!

Mike Piehl says:

Just started watching the treehouse series and saw this episode and felt compelled to comment.
I'm an atheist but I will fight to the death for your right to say whatever you want about your beliefs! (It's also YOUR youtube channel so if anyone doesn't like it, take a hike!) You're a hell of of a good carpenter and an even better father! Jack is going to have unbelievable life skills and know he is loved. That's all that matters!
You've made a positive impact on this world!

Brian Wright says:

Appreciate you taking time to glorify our Lord! Always encouraged to see men strong in their relationship with Christ…stay strong!

James Dappen says:

I was researching for building a tree house and I build houses! You'd think I know enough! 😂 wow is this such a well put together series, great work! No such thing as being too over-built, I loved your brackets and how minimal damage to a tree it gives to the amount of strength you get, your tips on strong bolts and weak bolts is something that is useful to know, the chain hanging strait suspending the beam without an angle for less stress, the detail on the stairs, I was definitely sad to see the tree get cut there at the end but you are truly an inspiration, thanks for the tree house video.

scottycabc says:

yes God is good

Josh D says:

AMEN…and great work.

Matthew Fisse says:

I enjoyed the last 3 minutes of this video as much as I enjoyed this whole series. Thanks for being so real. Great work.

Mitchell Manor says:

Made a jig for the skill saw how about the router? You had so many cuts with the router, it would have made the job faster and no mistakes.

The Weird Side says:

______ also planned for that tree to be in your way and for you to not think it through and have to cut the tree that _______also created. (I can speak illogical nonsense too:-) Otherwise, a great channel, and I don't care at all that you cut the tree, but "things happening for a reason" talk is totally made up inside your head and complete nonsense. You say whatever you need to say though, and I'll say whatever I need to say…like I just did. I have a great life too and many "blessings" but I don't go around saying I earned them by having a belief. It's mostly luck. Saying otherwise makes people sound arrogant and like they deserve something more than other less fortunate people.

SC Wood Designs says:

I applaud you for being a follower of Christ. He is God. Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that he is Lord. Your channel and story are inspiring. The Bible says provoke men to good deeds. The word provoke in the Hebrew meaning is literally, "to call forth," hence, to excite or stir up, whether in a good or bad sense. As you said, not everything is perfect. Some people are going to reject God and and His plan for their lives. The last word you said was very encouraging, "hang in there". I say this to you, Mark 13:13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Chuck Zechman says:

Thank you for your witness Brother!

Timotheus157 says:

Clean and neat. I always loved treehouses. Great stuff. Thank you!

andy jacks says:

yes it is a stringer, one on each side, tread is the step, rise is the distance from one tread to the next. great job.


Confused, you live in Japan???

Dave Hunt says:

Thank you for all of the videos in the treehouse series. When I started the series I looked at the number of videos and said 37 plus, wow, I don't have time for that. At the end I sure am glad that I watched each one. Thank you for the tips, advice and life examples.
I have a little boy that I will be building a tree house for and I will be using quite a few of the techniques that you have shown. I have learn a lot, thank you! God bless.

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