Cool idea ! Do not throw away scraps of wood !

Cool idea ! Do not throw away scraps of wood !

Today I am making an interesting project from scraps of oak wood!
I really hope that you will like it!
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HandCraft says:

Today I am making an interesting project from scraps of oak wood
I really hope that you will like it!
Waiting for your feedback!

noja music says:

Get a life! ! !

Rodney Hutch says:

Bloody brilliant top job.

John says:

A drill as a lathe!

alan brown says:

Great video mate.

Lance Uppercut says:

I can’t shop work in gloves I have man hands I need to feel .
It’s very good ,very clever and I need one but way to busy to make one . So were can I buy one .
You let the project down cause you did not varnish it .
Keep up the show your nut is full of good ideas bro

Denis& Litisha says:

Yup I’ll keep a 2 dollar piece of wood snd buy 200 dollars worth of tools to make a clamp. But cool project!

Tim Bo says:

I can only dream of being a YouTube maker. This is a clever woodworkers gadget!!


This project is P-E-R-F-E-C-T ❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓 Congratulations and thanks for sharing my friend!!!! Panos from Greece.

Mike Dudley says:

Clamps for watching

Jim Willis says:

Very nice…

Charles Partrick says:

This is great if you have $25k in tools

P Metzler says:

Cool idea…. You do have alot of knowledge… I would love to suggest you polish your skills in safety…. This is not a cut down to your knees….
I counted to make sure I still had all my fingers…
I have never been afraid to swing a hammer or use power tools to take on a project. I had to take the time to listen when someone was sincerely showing me how to make the tools work for me… This also meant to respect them (the tools also) to learn the handling of the tools safely…. So I could come back the following day to finish what I had started.
I truly do not want you to be discouraged with all of the comments from woodworking & crafting… I see alot of talent….
I just don't want you to be seriously injured. It happens fast… TOO FAST!
Please Practice Safety.
I hope you will watch your video & see what we're seeing.

I am a first timer viewer…. Normaly I can be on a channel a couple 2 or 3 weeks before I comment…
Just a concern channel fan…. K

Daniel Andrews says:

As many of these wood working videos that I watch, I still don't understand why so many people that are supposed to be familiar with wood working use metal files instead of a wood file or rasp when removing wood from a project.

BenzSUV says:

Two questions. Where did you get the foot that you screwed into the screw? Mine broke and need one just like it for my circular saw. I need to make this so I can have two clamps for my saw. Also what oil do you use before drilling into metal. Thanks

Gianny Lulo Yataco says:

Excelente 🙂

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