DIY Geometric Triangle Shelves | Simple Woodworking Project

DIY Geometric Triangle Shelves | Simple Woodworking Project

These simple geometric triangle shelves make a perfect beginner woodworking project and are super easy to knock out in an afternoon. Perfect for those boards you have hanging around the shop!

Thanks to Arrow Fastener for sponsoring this video, check out their tools and fasteners here:

► Materials Used On Triangle Shelves (affiliate):

(2) 8 foot 1x4s
OR 2′ x 4′ ¾” Plywood Project Panel
Wood Glue :
Timbermate Wood Filler :
Paint & Spray Polyurethane :
Finish Nails (for hanging the shelves) :

► Tools Used On Triangle Shelves :

Arrow Fastener PT18G Brad Nailer :
Hedgehog Featherboard :
SawStop PCS 1.75-HP Professional Cabinet Saw :
Festool Kapex Miter Saw :
Strap Clamp :
Mirka Deros Sander :







Arrow Fastener says:

Love it! Thanks for the shoutout, Johnny! #MadeWithArrow

adam welch says:

You should try to make a live edge and epoxy table. I made one and it looks amazing

Le PicBois says:

Those looks great man!

Kreith 32 says:

Nice project. Lovely.
Greetings from my channel.

Rob Diaz says:

great build!

Paulino Costa says:

Excelent job …congratulations !

Kyle Nelson says:

I liked the style of talking to the camera for this project. Made it more instructional, as opposed to documentary style, if that makes sense.

D-wood says:

I love the way this looks and how easy it is Johnny!!! Looks awesome

rich hubert says:

Bob Ross chia pet? Lol nice clean video.

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

I like these a lot! They're so simple, but really nice. The pop of color is a nice addition.

Marcelo Gouveia says:

Simplicity Works! Loved =D

OriginalAxepack says:

I'd like to give this a try as the wife wants decorative shelves everywhere. I'm still using the blade that came with my Dewalt miter saw. Can you recommend a better one for cleaner cuts?

Bubinga Marcenaria Artesanal says:

Green? I must be crazy but that for me is totally yellow.

Matt Powers says:

Love the project! Also love the Sushi Go!

Sonny Pittman says:

Again, where’s the squat? Seems alien that this is another video where you didn’t squat! Is the squat gone?

Featherboards says:

Great project, Johnny! Thanks for featuring the Hedgehog spiral featherboard.


Awesome project I like it good job bro 🙂

Franks DIY says:

My daughter and nieces loved the ones I made and have orders for more from the rest of the family and friends. check out my build.

Kyle Carter-Sahn says:

Check out 4:26, i think you'll see something you'll like 👌🏼

RealRuler2112 says:

Until you said it was left over from a project, I was wondering what the point of using walnut plywood was when you're painting it anyways.

If you flip the top one upside down and draw all the points together, you'd have Triforce. 😉 =) (From The Legend of Zelda series… yeah, I'm a geek. =) )

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