DIY Marble Solitaire Game – #BuildAtHome Project – Scrap Wood Challenge!

DIY Marble Solitaire Game – #BuildAtHome Project – Scrap Wood Challenge!

Since we’re all stuck at home, a few maker friends decided to share easy to build scrap wood projects! This was a fun challenge to work with what I got and my kids love playing the game!

For more details, check out my website – where you can find the free template and links to everyone else’s #BuildAtHome projects!

You can also watch the other project videos from this playlist –

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1″ Core Box Bit:

1/2″ Core Box Bit with Bearing:

Spiral Upcut Bit:

Thin Kerf Ripping Blade I Love:

FTG Blade I Love for Joinery:

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Makita Trim Router:

Center Punch:

Card Scraper:

Double Sided Tape:

DFM Dowel Plate:

Furniture Finish:

3/4″ Forstner Bit:

Triton Router (It comes with that circle jig!):

Ryoba Saw:


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Dale Hawkins says:

"Like it never even happened". Love it! :-). I think I am going to use that in more areas of my life! 😀

Zouhir Touti says:

Perfect job . wooooow

Bob Bonham says:

I had one of those games when I was a kid. Now I need to build one. Thanks!! Stay safe.

Kotkostya says:

I don't know, what it's (marbles), but this is perfect tray, at least)))
Thanks from Russia.

LitoGeorge says:

I like your parenting style, your approach, and accessibility. Thank you Tamar.

mark raffaele says:

try cutting the protectors in half

Big Mo says:

Lol – is that ziplock filled with the marbles you’ve lost trying to keep up with that crew? (Seams like great kids. Mine are teens now, I miss that age)

Richard Rider says:

I'm cutting up only pine scaffolding lumber(used when we restored our farm, over 20 years ago,) to make more bee hives and those tricky little wired inserts for wife's bees. Suddenly(thankfully,) with this warm weather, the bee population has taken off…Not half as creative as you for your kids though!…cheers…rr Normandy, Fra.

Pascal Zingg says:

Love your videos! Whenever you make something the result is beautiful! One trick I wanted to share with you, I just learned it during this week from a experienced luthier: to fix templates and also workpieces on the workbench: stick masking tape to the work piece, use masking tape matching the position on your template/workbench now put some superglue on one tape, apply some superglue accelerator on the other side. Put them together and they stick to each other immediately. They hold together perfectly. And separating the pieces afterwards is supereasy. Give it a try, I think you will like it! Keep up the great posts!

aampudia8 says:

6:35 you could use the same forstner bit as a guide to center the template

Dennis Schickling says:

Great Video and work. #STAYSAFE

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