DIY – Rustic Wood American Flag – Start your own Flag Co. for under $100 – Step By Step, How To

DIY – Rustic Wood American Flag – Start your own Flag Co. for under $100 – Step By Step, How To

With a nail gun and $100, we started a successful rustic flag company and sold more than 300 flags in our first 6 months! Now we want to share everything we’ve learned! This video has all the details that others would never want to share.

Follow this video and you can start creating flags like the ones we offer on

Heck, we even decided to offer our custom designed unions, stained, engraved, and shipped to your door for you to complete the builds and sell for profit!

Unions can be seen here 👉



Michael Alex Weaver says:

I knew what you were talking about, but I totally gritted my teeth to hear you say "you burned a couple hundred flags". Cool tutorial

Tyler George says:

I would like to build the 48 inch flag. Would I still use the 1 by 2's ? If not what would you recommended?

Michael Perry says:

Thanks for the fantastic step by step video, love this idea !

Andrew Fox says:

Great video! I really appreciate you showing the process I’ve been very curious as of late on how these flags are made. For your star in the emblem work do you Dremel all of your designs?

Handmade Customs says:

Hi, I saw you recommend the color scarlet for the stripes.. what color stain should I use for the union? Is there a specific name for the blue? Thanks

That DamnSasquatch says:

Would be awesome to have a Combat Medical Badge on the union.

Infinite Craftsman says:

I’m guessing you’re not 7’9” but rather 5’9”. Hehe. 6 foot boards?

Hagg506 says:

Nice work. Make yourself a simple 90 degree clamping jig. It makes final assembly and glue up a lot faster and easier. Also ensures everything comes out straight.

KingsXish says:

Great video…..Thank you for sharing your art!

Deyonne Bagby says:

Could you do me a 48" Texas flag

sean says:

wish i had the skills to make a few to give as gifts.

VERY cool!

thomasc707 says:

Oh great. Another thing I have to make. Thanks alot.

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