DIY Wood Wall and Floating Shelves

DIY Wood Wall and Floating Shelves

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Things I Used in This Project:
ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection:
Stud Finder:
Faux Wood Panels:
Construction Adhesive:
Brad Nailer:
Project Saw:
Miter Saw Stand:
Miter Saw:
Knot Sealer:
Floating Shelf Hardware:
Super Jaws:



Scott Tyndall's Home Shop says:

Your awesome,I loved wall treatment so versital could also work behind a fist tank simply a way cool idea thanks for the video

mesquite mike says:

Huge difference, looks great!

Hirudin says:

Wow does that wood ever look real! How do the edges look?

Also, I liked the linked video in the TV screen at the end – clever!

Kris Gasteiger says:

Love the project, and the look you achieved. I'm trying to use less and less plastic/petroleum. I'd do the same with real wood.

Ørjan Jåsund says:

I'll just notify you that the link for the brad nailer show the old 18v version not the new 20v Max (18 volt in Europe) version.
Great work by the way.

Marc Weinstein says:

Teehee… "Sawl"… lol

John Samuelson says:

Hey April your new place I hope is not in the path of this Hurricane heading for Taxes!!! Thank you for all the your great videos!!

I'm Not Called Albino Panther says:

Are you going to makers central?

Mick Caulton says:

Great video. Mick from London

John Schlicker says:

It's cool how you added "How to build a porch swing" right into the TV. Nice touch at the end.

Andrew Potter-Cross says:

That looks awesome April

Bob Boj says:

Super,bravo for you……..

قصي الشيخلي says:

u wonderful woman😍😘😘 u like me

Jacin Droid says:

Nice an ellegant project. Good job!

Andys Werkstatt says:

That looks really nice. I think I´ll replicate it. Looking forward for your next projects.
Btw, the tree on the wall is awesome. This will be one of my next projects.

Brian Prusa says:

You are killing it. Almost to 500k. Great work.

Dan Dailey says:

Great production April! You're becoming a pro, in multiple fields.

NOLALongboards says:

Material choice aside, I think it is a miss to not carry the cladding all the way to the floor. I would think about how the wall would show with the spaces clear and furniture removed. Likewise it would be best to carry the outlets through with box extensions, mount the tv bracket to the cladding etc.

Mike C says:

Wow your awsome. If my wife had half that motivation? ? Great girl but dang we would get alot more done.

Robson Kvalo b ferreira says:

Great job, girl …. Hugs from your friends from Brazil …

Liaquat Hussain says:

Beautiful project

Tony Rowan says:

Great project – simple and effective transformation. Inspiring.
Sometimes we get caught up in how clever, complex or skilful things are and lose sight of the end result. This is the antithesis of this. Nicely done.

Ali Hadi says:

V. nice goop 🌺

Fence Armor says:

You did a great job on this project April! Loved the end how you put your last video on the screen!

Grant Trotter says:

Whoa, was that a stud finder that actually works at 1:08?

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