How to Build a CUSTOM Wood & Steel DESK // #diy #woodworking & #welding

How to Build a CUSTOM Wood & Steel DESK // #diy #woodworking & #welding

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Today on Modern Builds, I’m going to show you how to make the ultimate MAKER desk! I’ve been trying a lot of new techniques lately including metal bending, working with plate steel, and trying out different shapes of tube steel. I wanted this desk to be a practical case study of my recent experiments in making. It’s not perfect, but I’m really happy with how unique it is. If you plan on building this project be sure to check out the written article linked below.

Stuff I used:
1/8″ Plate Steel
3/4″ Plywood
1.5″x3.5″ Tube Steel (1/8″ wall)
Maker Brand Clamps:
Simple Finish:
Paste Wax:
Japanese Pull Saw:

Written article will be live tomorrow morning.
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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery



Azrathoustra says:

Is it just me, or your move a 3:02 is kind of dangerous?

Salem Alziyadi says:

What does it that 4 ?

Yosi Povolotski says:

Hey Mike ! I really love your boots…. Where did you buy them? Or maybe you can send me picture of them, that I could buy something similar

silveravnt says:

Are those F clamps made in the USA?

StudioJLT says:

Clean build Mike, I love it!

Eric Nicastro says:

This was a cool build! I'm not a professional welder, but like you, I'm learning. One tip a pro welder gave me was to cut a 45 degree angle on my speed square on the right angle side. This makes it easier to check for square with a weld at the joint or if the end of the cut is not quite flat. And it won't affect the accuracy of the speed square. I found it really helped.

DAnDy's Secret Woodshop says:

Great idea man, might have to try this over on my channel.

payey works says:

Looks very good πŸ™‚

Sean Birkner says:

Hey Mike, one thing I did that helps with squaring up welding work is to knock the 90deg corner off one of those speed squares. That way you can double check for square even after you've laid down a bead.

Eri Catarina says:

happy halloween mike!

Travis Chenoweth says:

Where are you located? AZ? Your barren backyard looks like Phx. Lol

usbky2 says:

What happened to Gary the chipmunk? We haven't seen him in a while.

JT Woodworks says:

Perfect, simple project! Your welding has come a long way. Nice work man

Steven James Porter says:

As a welder, try to set yourself up better for your welds. You should be welding wherever is most comfortable. Set up one arm as an anchor and use your trigger hand to glide against it. Also with fluxcore or mig it's easier usually to run the weld towards you going left to right. It will allow you to see your pool better and when you can read your pool you can pump out a perfect weld.


liquidfun says:

Love this one good job dude!

SuchithX says:

I feel like any plug for anything maker brand is inherently biased

Romina J says:

Its great! Especially if it’s what the customer wants.

Ben Lee says:


7:13 Also, Bob from ILTMS said that you shouldn't weld on concrete because the heat expansion make it crack or explode. But he did say that if the heat isn't on it for a long lime, its good.

David Coloma says:

Love the DIY bandi clamps

VintageChameleon says:

V confused by all the comments of people saying they don’t like it?! This is super awesome and industrial looking and I would kill for this desk! Was thinking of building one similar but with 2x4s in place of the steel base because I know nothing about welding πŸ™ˆ seriously love this desk

Emily Lindstrom says:

I like everything about this one. I would need a thicker steel top to hold my heavy monitors, but otherwise would totally love to have two of these.

Willem DeJong says:

651st like, I beat some of yall!!

unico260 says:

Isn’t tearout with a circular saw on the top side where the blade exits the wood? Just wondering if I’ve been doing it right. Should you tape both sides?

Crafter Maker says:

😊 Nice!
Really liked the shelf thing on the desk. Not that crazy about the base tho. Also, love the "bandy clamps" lol

Javier Diaz says:

Excellent πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Rawl Sawh says:

Great job but that's an ugly desk. Lol anyhow keep it up and congratulations on maker brand 😎

connor cantrell says:

Really cool design

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