Modern DIY Plywood Shoe Bench | A Dwell Made Project

Modern DIY Plywood Shoe Bench | A Dwell Made Project

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In this episode of Dwell Made Chris Salomone, from Foureyes Furniture builds a modern shoe bench out of plywood utilizing a process to create joinery through building up material rather than removing it.

Key Products:
½” Baltic Birch Plywood



Thoif Ibrahim says:

Kae maaa fui


hello,if you want produce plywood face and back veneer, please check :,thank you.

SlightlyCrookedWorkshop says:

I like this design and ended up figuring out how to make one for $5 out of 1x4s
Sadly, I don't have a use for it anywhere in my house.

Jay says:

Spectacular! Thank you for this phenomenal build.

Is there a sketchup or other document showing dimensions or something like a cut list?

Ladywood2 says:

Quite a different take on a shoe rack. Nice, clean design. Never thought I’d get excited about a shoe rack! I follow lots of wood working pros on you tube and not many use them use the table saw properly/safely. You on the other hand use the table saw exactly the way it’s supposed to be used. The rip cuts are done properly therefore reducing the chance of kick back greatly. Bravo sir!

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

You made that look too easy for how nice that came out! Nice looking project, Chris!

With These Hands says:

I think it's beautiful, I wonder if the spacing is a little wide? Would kids shoes fall through?

Shane Rothery says:

This is my favorite Dwell Made video thus far!

Jeff Eberl says:

I like the sheet stuff. Especially BB plywood. I just love that stuff. Im actually going to build this, in a slightly different size. It sure would help if there was a cutlist up front or something. The Long pieces are 1×48, the legs are 1.5×22, except for the joinery and the cross members were 2"x??, But they got ripped at an angle to be parallelograms.

Adrian Orozco says:

Love the additive joinery method! I first peeped it in your bed build with Johnny and really dug it! Great video dwell & Chris. Next use spalted curly vanilla birds eye maple.

Ashley Rushworth says:

Much better content than the last video!

Edoris Head says:

Very Modern approach in design in everyway.

Gianni Quilici says:

I love how simple this is! Great look and affordable too!

Charles Briggs says:

Great project Chris! I think it shows that beautiful design doesn’t have to be complicated. I might have to build one of these!

Ed says:

I was here first.

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