Step stool – DIY tutorial

Step stool – DIY tutorial

My son is short and can’t reach the sink. I fixed this problem with another project. A simple step stool from basic framing lumber. This is a great project if you want to get into building things. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy.

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Material list
1- 2×6 – 8ft
Pocket hole jig (20 screws)
wood glue

Cut List:
2- 16″ treads
2- 4.5″ front riser
2- 10″ rear riser
1 – 11.5″ back support (ripped in half, or use 2×3)

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Wofford1985 says:

The black gives a really nice "I never clean my bathroom" feel.

Doc says:

Thanks for taking the time to upload this.
I have a computer in my workshop with a shelf over the top of it holding my printer and I need this step stool so I can access the buttons on the top panel of the printer.
I'm not that short but it's certainly easier when you can actually see what buttons you're pushing.

Derrick Stinoski says:

Can I build this for my big dog to access the bed? πŸ€”

Susie Fairchild Lott says:

How precious your boys is. β™₯

Zero VANZ says:

Thanks for the awesome video man I made one for my daughter and it turned out amazing. Not going to lie I'm quite short myself so I'll probably end up using it to read the top part of my cabinets haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΎ

Willee says:

I love pocket holes. Easy and sturdy.

Kalia KissesTV says:

I def need to make this for myself πŸ˜‚ I can’t reach the top of my cabinets

gracyy face says:

yeah!! I finished my step stool today πŸ™‚ such a satisfying feeling to see it in real life. I watched so many videos but this one was my favorite. thanks!!

Eddy Yu says:

Simple and practical, sir.

Bruce Jordan says:

I just subscribed. Thank you for giving dimensions as you worked. I was looking for a quick stool and yours was it

chris hogan says:

I'm glad you show yourself working through a problem with the legs being uneven. Silly question, but how did you recognize this problem?

Baby G Lo says:

Is there a complete cut list?

gregreveles1 says:

How Long did you cut the treads.?

Redfish Incorporated says:

I like It! A simple project that does the job well.

Chris Rivers says:

Great idea. I really like your finish techniques. I wanted to scale this up a little bit longer and higher for a platform bed. Also! Im not gonna use the pocket holes on the treads so that they dont show while looking at it. I think i will just countersink screws and then plug them. Thanks for the inspiration fella!

Annette Gibson says:

Quick and easy! Thanks for sharing….

Corrina Kelly says:

you can use a longer bit for the pocket hole that you had difficulty reaching or you could flip the bench over and the support piece would not be in your way. i always use the longer bit, unless the area is tight…nice job…

angela sheppard says:

I think this will be my first project thanks

Jonas Schommer says:

On the stepstool diy drill all the pocket holes before starting to put it together. I put the 2 pieces together and the 4 1/2 piece would not fit in my kreg pocket hole jig.

Emma Parnell says:

This is a really good video! I'd like to make one for my dog as she has had many back problems! Awesome job!

BronkBuilt says:

Nice job. I really like the finish technique.

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