DIY Disney Ariel Mermaid Inspired Toddler Doll Room – Titi Toys and Dolls

DIY Disney Ariel Mermaid Inspired Toddler Doll Room – Titi Toys and Dolls

Doll Toddler bedroom DIY for Little Mermaid Inspired Room . We make a Disney Princess Ariel Toddler bedroom for my Barbie Kelly Doll using cardboard, scrapbook paper and lots of doll miniatures. This is a fun project for kids and parents to do together. Because this is a toddler room we add little miniature toys, story books and we add the under the sea theme!

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A big shout out to MyFroggystuff for inspiring me to be more creative and find the crafter inside of me and for showing me the amazing things we can do with recycled materials. You dont need a lot of money to create a fun diorama to play with!.

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I learned the technique of the doll box room from the best crafter in youtube my froggy stuff. check her video out her for detailed instructions.

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