DIY Fold-Out Gym | How make a CrossFit style gym at home

DIY Fold-Out Gym | How make a CrossFit style gym at home

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Abel Pulido says:

Looks good but I think your next project should be a ladder. You're gonna get hurt on them chairs!

djbthunder says:

Great build. Waiting for the fold out weight bench now

Michael Dougherty says:

What no muscle ups?!?! Pffft! 😂

PinballMan says:

I love the Idea, I like to see innovative ways to create space saving ideas. Great Job.

Adam Taylor says:

Damnit Ben, I loved your channel but now I can't watch anymore…

Cross fit. Smh

AJ Valente says:

Great project. I would of used stall mats instead of the foam mats. In my experience the foam mats aren't as durable and the stall mats look better aesthetically to me.

scuffz100 says:

coulda added something to be able to bench

Krxtina Em says:

Top notch work as always. Keep it up. 😀

Ismael Segura says:

Es excelente .todas las creaciones me parecen una maravilla

BennyGesserit says:

Glad to hear you're recovering.

diego says:

they have no emotion when they talk smh

Vali MDX says:

I got scared that you might leave the top angle brackets visible there… but i remembered that you like clean work! Cool idea and good job! 🙂

Almir Lima says:

Muito massa show!!!

1bwash says:

Love what you do and your videos, but damn, your neighbors must hate you lmao

chrisbinnie says:

Excellent solution to a common problem, lack of space for equipment. I'm a little confused though – where do you keep the tractor tire?

Jorge Martinez says:

Very well done homemade modern…!!!

Kot Kon says:

Peace of cake

MBT Handmade says:

Sick, man. You're a wizard.

Daniel Schellein says:

I think he likes ryobi xD

Geoff Johnston says:

A super project.

Geoff Johnston says:

When will you consider taking the saw off the floor and a work bench or saw horses also

Nathan Crenshaw says:

Careful with crossfit, man. Doing 100 snatches for speed is not a great idea…

nintendolunchbox says:

Lovin the podcast.

HomeMadeModern says:

here are Heather's and Rod's instagrams if you want to seem them life heavy stuff:

loLissyismyname says:

Could you do an apartment tour?

Internet Shaquille says:

"I'm building this in a loft because fuck my downstairs neighbors"

The Cutting Bored says:

This came out awesome dude

Ali B says:

This is so giod

DCastle says:

Notification Gang?

John Stein says:

The wood dowels are strong enough to hold the weight plates? Otherwise it looks great.

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