How To Turn Your Phones Into WiFi Security Cameras

How To Turn Your Phones Into WiFi Security Cameras

Make use of your Old Smart Phones! If you have ever wanted a WiFi enabled Home Security System here is the quickest and easiest way to do it… and it’s free! SUBSCRIBE HERE:



If you have ever wanted to use your Android or iPhone as a WiFi security camera, we’ll show you how and give you tips on where to mount them.

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Household Hacker says:

Thanks for checking this video out. I found all my old phones while doing some house cleaning and figured they should be put to use. If you are looking for links to the apps that were used, I am pasting them below this message. If you have any other app suggestions, let everyone know!



Bryan Itzol says:

Lol been doing this for years especially as a Nanny camera

장난Azazel says:

You never seen how overheated phone batteries exploding ,or old charger melting down ?

bindishanga peter says:


zofe says:

Running on Batteries => This is BULLSHIT.

bestamerica says:

videocamera with a cellularphone is a eating too much battery…
dont stay long videocamera in one fully day

buas7 says:

do you need a simcard in the old phone ? wifi? ect

Jason St Pierre says:

Assuming your plan to utilize WiFi at your surveillance location you definitely want to keep the phone cooler to prolong the life of the battery and phone.
What you need to do is activate 'Airplane mode' then manually toggle WiFi back on.
This turns off the high draw cellular radio in your phone and allows MUCH less power to sustain a charge! (this works especially well in poor cell signal locations)
As a bonus, you may find a cheap low milliamp charger now works just fine to keep your new phone camera working.

killztoyz says:

What do you do when they ask why you have a camera?

J J says:

Please Hang S7's on your door frame as a security camera .. Please ! .. do it for me

Boemboli Farjam says:

they mad this app and they can also spy evry person that ues of app

Boemboli Farjam says:

is not saife some poepel kan hak and spy your huise

Mr. Gigi says:

Hi. I was wondering, If i could use some ip camera to connect wireless to the phone, and use the phone to connect to internet, since i have only 3G acces.

Rick Peterson says:

"Turn on old phone" meaning just power up, no service provider?!

Moh Vlogs says:

Nah. I think I'll still to my cctv system

Ivy25 says:

Wooow what a great idea. Thanks!

Fenrir says:

Isn't it bad to have these lithium batteries on charge all day? Yes they are old otherwise useless devices but does that not present some sort of fire risk? And some devices will just shutdown if the battery goes totally dead, in which case, these things wouldn't last very long? I like the idea but have too many concerns, unless you could somehow replace the internal battery with a super-capacitor, then you'd be good.

Craig B says:

Once I've activated my new phone, my old phone no longer has the ability to download anything. How did you download the apps?

Kali Southpaw says:

"Glorious Hole" misleading- shocked my ballsack on the charging cable.

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