DIY How to Renovate the Tub / Shower from A to Z

DIY How to Renovate the Tub / Shower from A to Z

This video is a Complete Tutorial of every step you will need to achieve to get an awesome waterproof shower that lasts for years!

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This video follows along on the journey doing a complete bath remodel. We start with the precision work necessary to remove the existing shower walls while being very careful not to damage the existing ceiling. Since the ceiling is in great condition we want to protect it so we do not increase the scope of work when finishing the new shower renovation later. This allows us to avoid patching and painting the ceiling.

After the demolition in our bathroom remodel is done we begin the process of redoing the plumbing supply and drain and shower valve. In this video we switched from copper to pex and used a pex ready shower valve and crimping pex line system to install.

After the plumbing was in place we moved on to the installation of the tub. By using a tub with reinforced fiberglass spray and plywood with legs on the bottom it made it really easy to install directly on the floor without leveling. This type of tub makes bathroom renovations really easy.

After the tub was securely fastened to the framing we closed the walls using Schluter kerdi board. In this video we show 2 different ways to seal up the penetrations of the shower waterproofing system.

After we waterproof the shower we begin the subway tiling immediately using a laser level to achieve a perfect level line on the bottom row of tile. We demonstrate how to cut and install subway tile using basic tile cutting tools that anyone can afford as well as how to install a glass mosaic tile along with finishing the tile with edging for a clean sharp line.

After the we tile and grout the walls in this bathroom remodel we demonstrate how to finish the bathroom renovation by installing the plumbing fixtures and sealing all the joints and fixtures.

Of course no bathroom renovation is complete without finishing the walls in the area and getting them ready for paint so we show you an industry secret for making this a fast a perfect result without a mess.

And finally since we were installing this new bathtub in an old space we did not have any extra tile for repairs in the event of damage. Sure enough we chipped a tile while resizing the floor tile for the new tub. No worries I show you a quick fix that can save your bacon if you are trying to renovate your bathroom on a budget like this client.

As always feel free to leave comments in the area below about your bathroom renovation or remodel and Yes I do answer all the questions myself. Cheers!

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Home RenoVision DIY says:

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Exdiamonds says:

Why would u remove the tub and the tileing just put on a acrylic coating on top of them it saves way more time and money jeez I thought this was supposed to be affordable

Timm Treazise says:

When Insted of dry Finger Use Little finger and a little saliva on it then wipe it off ,Makes for a finer seal…

Fred Eisele says:

A flat pry bar and hammer combo if your hammer claw skills are not precise enough.

Fred Eisele says:

It is possible to chip the tub enamel with falling tile. A packing quilt can help. (if you care about the tub)

pablo gman says:

Great video and explanation of process. What is the bath tub make and shower valve make? Thank you

JaredMcCloudTJW says:

As a plumber, 70% of this video made me want to scream. A lot of what you're saying is correct but most of the technical info is way off; flux bonds with impurities and burns away to carbon, which then bonds with the solder, preventing weak spots, the solder is "sucked in" by capillary action of intense change in temperature, and should always be applied from all sides as it is never perfect. I'm not trying to slam your video, I actually explain most of what I do to customers to help them understand how it works, so I appreciate your in depth explanations, I'm just completing some of the half knowledge and helping folk prevent leaks. All that said, solid video, not alot of guys doing an in depth start to finish, very impressive.

Sylvain Bellerose says:

You rock. Thank You for making such instructional video. Amazing.

Brenda Ryan says:

Did you put a drop cloth or canvas down before taking out the tile?

Peter Wilhelmsson says:

1. Take a look at all the building codes and regulations you MUST follow.
2. Realize this is not for amateurs
3. Hire a professional.

ellito bender says:

Why not just use shark bite fittings for the copper to pex conversion? Great video

Matthew Rhoades says:

I really like this guy! He knows what he is doing and he is fairly entertaining at the same time.

Scham Attack says:

Did you replace the corner bead or just tile the tube side and mud the other side?

Biff Johnson says:

Had to put by bathroom renovation on hold because I can’t find any masks. #coronavirus

Bill Boles says:

How do you make sure the face of the tiles are level in a plane?

Robert Platt says:


Ashley Shively says:

Just bought a home in Dec and the master bath needs some serious help. I contemplated hiring a professional but if I can do the work myself Id prefer it to stay as cost effective as possible. Your video was super helpful and Ill be referencing it again when I get to the point of renovating it! Thanks!

Saturday Projects says:

What a great way to update a bathroom too!

Washable Junk says:

Jokes on you. None of my shut off valves wirk

seephor says:

Am I the only one who thinks installing a heavy ceramic tile over a sheet of box packaging material (styrofoam) is not a good idea

Tom Hollins says:

Put something in the drain so the tile stuff doesn't fall into the sewer line.

Plumbing,testing & more says:

It will generally just give up the ghost 1:04:17

Dan Bestwick says:

Awesome! You are 1 smooth operator!!

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