DIY Generator Enclosure Shed With Remote Start

DIY Generator Enclosure Shed With Remote Start

My goal was to build a generator enclosure that would not only protect my generator but also let me start and run it from the comfort of my home without having to plug anything in or drag it out of the garage. I am very happy with the result so far. The shed I used was the Keter Store-It-Out model because it was the cheapest and was just big enough and deep enough to fit my generator. Here is a link
Link to Video On Control Panel How To
Here is my generator
Vent fan I used
Insulation I used



Gunny says:

Love your idea’s. Just finishing up on mine (champion) 11,000/9200 watts. Is there any way you might email me on your remote start. Fantastic idea.
Thank you in advance

crazedny says:

What is the brown stuff you put around the vents to seal them? Also, the pipe you hooked up to the muffler does it just screw in or did you have to do something special?

Ken Johnson says:

I like your system.  One small improvement you may make is to have a separate shed close to this one to store several gasoline cans.

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