A Treehouse Made Entirely of Branches

A Treehouse Made Entirely of Branches

The Sweetgum Thicket is a house literally formed by the branches of trees, giving a whole new meaning to what a treehouse can be.

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nano zweden says:

정말 멋있어요.^^

Nkosikhona Mnamatha says:

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marko kovac says:

Actually, he is conceptual artist…beautifull…

Luiz Miranda says:

Notice! Do not make a fireplace inside this dungeon!

MzMiaRoseTV says:

As a sculpture this "tree house" is amazing. As a house, it lacks functionality and is far from impressive.

Mark Marsh says:

These beautiful creations do not HAVE TO die. …. Spray them with a half a ton of clear liquid laminate. … They'll last FOREVER. … I've been doing the same type of constructions, mostly walls, for years.

Blacktop Robinowitz says:

Everything’s fine until he staggers back from the bar one night and falls asleep with a lit cigarette.

John Saheb Dudekula says:

very nice job

Shantel Fullerton says:

I made it too few weeks ago. Want to know how ? just look for woodprix website.

chef Princess 5 says:

Wow amazing house ooooo my wooow

galaxy says:

Not very sturdy or protective though, is it?

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