Multi-tier outdoor plant stand – DIY weekend project

Multi-tier outdoor plant stand – DIY weekend project

Measurements are approximates since you can really make it any size you want with more than 4 tiers. There is so much variation with this design.


Reclaimed/scrap 2″x 4″: 8-10 feet (depends on quality)
– cut into 1″x2″x12″ x 21 pieces (NOTE: 1″x2″ is not actual measurement – see video)
– 1″x2″x14″ x 1
– 1″x2″x9″ x 3
– 1″2″x5″ x 3
(Alternatively, you can buy 1″x2″ at your local home improvement store.)

Tree stakes 2″ diameter for legs: 9 feet
-24″ x 3
-18″ x 1
-12″ x 1
-8″ x 1

wood deck screws 1.25 inch
wood glue
1.25 inch 18 gauge finish nails (regular or nail gun variety, depending on tool)

table saw (preferred) and/or circular saw (NOTE: only for adult usage)
cordless drill
3/16″ wood drill bit
3/8″ wood drill bit
tape measure
nail gun or hammer
safety glasses
work gloves

I will update descriptions as needed.



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