EXTREME Bedroom Makeover (DIY DECOR)

EXTREME Bedroom Makeover  (DIY DECOR)

From thrift store: vintage bed frame, desk, shag rug, framed photograph from the 70’s or 80’s (I LOVE that picture!)

From amazon: duvet, sheets, double curtain rod, blackout + sheer curtains, fairy lights, marble contact paper, painters drop cloth, mask, glass/metal terrarium, terrarium stand (still being shipped), box fan

Home depot: primer, white & copper spray paint, gloves

Ikea: copper clip-on lights (for the headboard), vase for fairy lights, cheap foam mattress

Target: pillows, fake plants, sand for decor

Everything else in the room we had laying around the apt. The large painting we bought at a thrift store years ago. It took us 2 or 3 days to complete the project. I still want to get a few more things for the room including an oil diffuser. Ideally I’d have multiple elements in the room (wood, metal, water, earth) but I don’t want to clutter the space. I moved our clothes drawers into our large bedroom that we use to store inventory for work.

The vision for the room was cultivated by me (via watching youtube videos) with the intention of creating a space where peace, magic and creativity can flow. And giving me somewhere to read during the day while Mark plays loud ass music in the living room.

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