Easiest DIY Home Security System to Install

Easiest DIY Home Security System to Install

Easiest DIY Home Security System to Install: https://www.geoarm.com/pre-programmed-security-systems.html

With there being so many options for DIY security systems today it might seem a bit confusing so this video is meant to expose customers to the easiest DIY security system to install.

Alula Connect Plus Simple Installation Instructions:

1) Remove system and sensors from box.
2) Plug in Alula Connect Plus System
3) Stick up all the purchased sensors and devices based on provided labels.
4) Call Geoarm 877-443-6276 to test alarm signals and get the user name and login to the Alula application.

Things that make this Alula Preprogrammed DIY alarm system the easiest installation are as follows.

1)All of the devices such as door/window contacts, motion sensors, glassbreaks, optional secondary keypads, flood sensors, smoke detectors, heat detectors and carbon monxide detectors etc… come pre-programmed and into the security system. Each Sensor box will be labeled for simple installation.

2) All of the selected internal modules and communicators come pre-installed. This includes Wi-Fi, lte cellular, z-wave plus, 24-hour backup battery and sensors translator.

3) Alula may be the easiest to install, the least expensive but, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Alula Connect is one of 5 DIY security systems as of today that have encrcypted wireless sensors back to the main control panel to protect agains RF jamming. In addition, Connect plus offers great range and battery life on all sensors.

4) The Alula Connect plus doesn’t require a touchscreen everything can be controlled remotely using the Alula App this helps save about $100 upfront. Keypad can be added sepeartly if you choose.

5) Just because this system is termed DIY security system doesn’t mean end users can’t have professional alarm monitoring services. With the Alula Connect end-users will have the option of using DIY or Pro monitoring. https://www.geoarm.com/alula-monitoring.html

Professional VS DIY Alarm Monitoring Services Explained: https://goo.gl/K7hgz8

GEOARM Security recommends that you go with some sort of alarm monitoring service either DIY or Professional. The reason why is because when you have either of these monitoring services you will get free tech support where our techs can remotely access your panel to assist you with installation, programming, troubleshooting and more.

Connect plus is able to offer interactive alarm monitoring services using the Alula app services. These services will allow consumers to remotely check panel status, arm/disarm, control automation devices and view compatible IP cameras.

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