Home Tech Decisions Episode 3: DIY Home Security Systems – Abode vs. SimpliSafe

Home Tech Decisions Episode 3: DIY Home Security Systems – Abode vs. SimpliSafe

Previously if you wanted to install a security system, you’d need to call a company such as ADT or Brinks to come out and setup their equipment and would be locked into a long-term contract. Now with wireless connections such as 4G, WiFi and Z-Wave, homeowners can build their own network of cameras, sensors and interconnected hubs without being tied to a single vendor. You can even monitor your home yourself or do a month to month contract.

“When we started SimpliSafe ten years ago there was actually no such thing as self-install, smart home security. We’ve watched the category we pioneered get bigger and bigger.
I think there are a couple of factors behind the growth of the market. First, new technology is making more things possible. With our app, for example, you can stream video from your doorbell or cameras on your phone, or you can see alerts and let people in and out of your house.” – SimpliSafe CEO, Chad Laurans

in this episode of Home Tech Decisions, we compare and discuss the Abode & Simplisafe platforms

SimpliSafe is arguably the easiest DIY Home Security System to setup, you do not need any technical knowledge. Nothing is drilled into to the wall or wired, it all operates over its own proprietary network. To get started you can select from a package available online or build your own, installation only takes about 20 minutes and there are number of different add on sensors available. There are some integrations available with Alexa/Google to arm and disarm the system, but it does not do advanced home automation or work with sensors from other companies.

“At SimpliSafe we try to take full advantage of new technology. We have sensors for floods, freezing temperatures, smoke and carbon monoxide, so we can offer whole-home protection. And we are one of the only self-install companies to offer video verification, which means any true alarm events will get a faster response from police. These things were not nearly as accessible a decade ago, and they’re things people want.” – SimpliSafe CEO, Chad Laurans

Abode offers the most flexibility for home automation along with self-monitoring, integrations and compatibility with various products across multiple manufactures. This enables you to setup advanced automations via CUE including automatically arming and disarming your alarm based on the location of your phone. There are several different triggers that can be paired with a desired action, and you can even add conditions such as time of day or whether your home or not. Multiple starter packages are available, and you can custom build your own system. The Abode Gateway connects via Ethernet and functions like a traditional hub, the Abode Iota includes a built-in motion sensor, 1080p Camera and is capable of operating over WiFi which is ideal for placement in the front entryway. There are not currently any video doorbells that are compatible with Abode however more integrations are being added regularly. Both systems come standard with an app that allows you to receive notifications on your phone which is ideal for self-monitoring. Abode is the only company that offers short term professional monitoring on demand, perfect for vacations. Professional monitoring with cellular backup is available for $8.30/month

“DIY systems give customers the flexibility to build the system they want and the freedom to include the devices and sensors that fit their specific needs. This is important because no two households are the same. For example, one feature of the abode system many of our customers love is geofencing and the ability to set rules and automations that trigger automatically when specific phones enter or leave the geofence but for others, their favorite feature is their ability to monitoring their home completely on their own and activate professional monitoring when they feel they need it. Systems like ours offer unique cost savings through flexibility. abode customers can choose to install their system on their own or, if they want help, choose to have it professionally installed. The same goes for professional monitoring, we offer a free plan, on-demand monitoring, or ongoing professional monitoring to our customers. The key is choice, we give customers the ability to run and secure their home on their own terms which is paramount for today’s consumer.

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Simplisafe – https://amzn.to/2Q2KI0W



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