4 Player arcade machine build

4 Player arcade machine build

Aaron and Luke building arcade machine 2016



josue3434ify says:

Hi i will love to have the plans also, josuemdn@yahoo.com

Saif Al Haroun says:

Hello, that is awsome! Can I please get the plans. My email is saifalharoun@gmail.com. Thanks

shortest1 says:

Hey Aaron, Just wondering if I could please get the plans for this amazing build you have done?

Nick Baugher says:

Hiw can i get a copy of those plans and what was the total price it costs to build i just got a baby super nintendo with raspberry pie 3 got 14,327 games on it with 39 systems figured it would be perfect

yiyan lee says:

keep up the passion . . cause I cant afford one yet… will get one one day

lasy days says:

Hi from Dublin Ireland. Can I get the a copy of the plans please? The control panel layout in particular?  PS great work!

Derek Freels says:

Anyway I could get a copy of the plans, derekfreels69@gmail.com

Corby Wan Kenobi says:

Can I have the plans??? PLEASE?!?!

Mame Classic Quarters says:

Good jobs guys. damn you work fast lol

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