Arcade Cabinet build Part 2 (graphics & trim) // How-To

Arcade Cabinet build Part 2 (graphics & trim) // How-To

Check out how I made my own custom arcade cabinet to run retro games on a Raspberry Pi!
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My vinyl graphics were printed by
My Artwork was made by – Digital plans


HERE’S WHAT I USED: – Digital plans – SawStop cabinet saw – Dewalt 20v drill driver combo – Dewalt compact router – Shop Fox Push Blocks – Tack Cloth – HVLP Spray gun – Dremel Tool – T-Molding (I got 40ft) – Slot cutting bit – arbor – Ergo Kiwi knife – Vinyl squeegee – Rubber mallet – LED Arcade buttons – Arcade joystick (Jamma style) – 48″ Piano Hinge – Classic steel ruler (cork back) – 24″ Soft-close drawer slides – 27″ LCD Monitor – Silhouette Portrait (vinyl cutter) – 3″ Speaker grilles – Logitech computer speakers

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TribalDagger413 says:

Hey Bob, for the HVLP gun, what kind of paint did you use? Latex? Oil-based? And did you have to use any thinner in it? Thanks for all the help!

Bart Simpson says:


Renaud Perron says:

OMGGG!!! I ove it!!

David Crimmins III says:

This is very very cool

Red Belly says:

the sweeties cab ive seen

Thomas chan says:

it is really COOL!!

Breylan Mapes says:

Bob on the Superhero sticker on the cabinant you look 55 XD

Gturnz says:

I love the fact that you rolled in the structure on a skate board when you went to paint it

Brendan Alexander says:

Ready Player One is one of my FAVOURITE books. OMG, there were rumors that they are going to make a move on it, and I don't even understand most of the references xD

Goose Smith says:

This dude is a legend

Therealoldschool250 says:

Great vid 👍🏼

Princess Logana says:

Dude! no way weve been reading ready player one! its so amazing! WE have a freind who is neighbors with the author and we may be able to set up a you like meet and greet or something itll be so cool!

Zachary Avenger says:

How wide is it?

Capn Fox says:

How did you get the art for your vinyl and lexan printed to the correct scale, size, and shape? Thank you

musicguru73 says:

Bob, I love that you let us know about how you decided on your process. Like "I started out doing it this way, but it was taking too much time, so I did it this way and it worked out better". When content producers put out "The Perfect Build" it makes rookies like me sometimes feel frustrated because you guys make it look so easy 🙂 Everyone makes mistakes, and showing us yours is a great educational tool

Christopher Longsworth says:

1:37 to 2:12 the neighbors be like : honey he is at it again with the filming himself outside again

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