Arcade Projects Update! [Summer 2017]

Arcade Projects Update! [Summer 2017]

Here’s an overview and arcade walkthough on what I’m currently working on. I also talk about what I plan to work on this summer and in the future.
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Let me know what you think in the comments. Anything you would like to see in the future? Let me know.

Thanks for watching!

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mrhwangify says:

Hi late to this video. I would love to see you doing a decasing video of the PC CRT. Thanks!

The Duke Of Aaron says:

I have been thinking about doing a dedicated vs. Super Mario bros through Lee at haruman. What was your price to have the dk built and how did you do the wiring and build?

Djrouge says:

Hi there from England! You have some nice cabinets there pal, thanks for doing the vids, they're great. so many projects, so little time eh 🙂

kirby695 says:

sweet collection !!!

Nintendo Arcade says:

What a fantastic arcade dude,love the galaxian with original art.
I had a space invaders with UB40 are cunts written on mine 😂 had to leave it.
Great video 😎👍

Arcade Freak 2016 says:

galaxian definitely had art on the front kick plate and I love the way that multi game is coming out it looks really good Joe szabo does fantastic work.

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