Berzerk JROK Arcade Project

Berzerk JROK Arcade Project

Arcade VLOG #2: EP045. In this episdode we will build a JROK BERZERK arcade game from a dedicated Berzerk Cabinet. The game was once an “Airwolf” but we are bringing it back to a Berzerk. Also in this episode I fix my Q*Bert by replacing the filter pcb and we move Stargate into Theater-Cade.

Click here to visit Arcadeshop for JROK pcbs:



Chris Story says:

didn't know there was a 2 in 1 board for  berserk and frenzy

Ed150 Arcade says:

Awesome video man. arcadeshop rocks. just bought a SPS from them for my Grand Champion arcade by Taito 🤘 keep up the great work

E5m says:

I'm a purist too and always strive to run all original hardware but it's so nice that there's modern pcb replacements like the JROK boards for those times when you have a cab and no pcb, one isn't available, or your original dies, is unreliable etc.etc. I wish there was a JROK for R-Type II because when my PCB died and I sent it out and it couldn't be fixed, I really went through hell to find a replacement. Nobody in the United States was willing to part with their board, even guys that admittedly didn't even play it but had it sitting unused in a box for collecting purposes only because it's rare which was hell for me since I had a restored dedicated cab for it and would be putting it to good use.

I had to do a worldwide search on various sites and finally got a guy all the way in Germany to part with his PCB and it wasn't cheap and shipping from Germany took forever. I would of totally bought a JROK for a interim solution and spare and would of still got an original if one popped up for sale for a reasonable price but it would of been nice to have a brand new modernized part readily availible to get back up and running right away without hassle!

Arcade Jason says:

at the 26:00 mark you can see 15 of the games i brought to replay fx lol your going down in the berzerk off jeff lol great vid

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