Build a PortaPi Mini Tabletop Arcade!

Build a PortaPi Mini Tabletop Arcade!

The PortaPi from Retro Built Games is a cool mini arcade cabinet that’s powered by a Raspberry Pi. Let’s see what’s involved in building one!

Retro Built Games:
PortaPi arcade kits:

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Music by Otis McDonald, Soulless (, Small Colin (, Anitek (, jimmysquare ( and The Passion HiFi (
Intro music by BoxCat Games (



Arian Hammann says:

How did you installed the games ?

c0pyimitati0n says:

What is the overall price on this? Rough estimate.

2000jago says:

6:36 – "SeyGah", not "Segga"

Dan Rigsley says:

I built mine out of newly left over wood flooring from a simple mame blue print and used 2 Plug N play Arcade. What this guy is showing is way more work to do. Another way is to built an Android tablet version with a modified Icade and Happy Chic Emulator. It's 2017 . You need to step it up and have a touch screen version.

hbarudi says:

Interesting, but would prefer something portable instead, they used to make those cabinets since the hardware was large (crt display, console, game, and coin box). Now the newer technology is much smaller in size and can be made more portable.

specialformula14 says:

why dont ppl just use the original xbox with coin opps.. its much cheaper

Raymonds arcade room 1999 Walbert says:

May you make me one

Benzla1 says:

Nice build. What was the last shoot em up called?

RageMeatly says:

it is perfect…

princejb10 says:

Very Cool Great Job can you add virtual pinball arcade games to it

Basil Alzubaydi says:

Looks great

Jay Bhatt says:

What is that fighting game called?

Bryan Ramey says:

This looks so much cooler to get my son for Christmas instead of a stupid Nintendo Switch which will keep him glued to a stupid screen all day outside.

rpj gaming says:

I thought I was smart in life but this guy just proves that there is always someone smarter than you. cool cabinet. good job. I probably wouldn't bother building one my self because I would just mess it up. but I think you can buy stuff like this pre built on ebay. cool vid ill definitely give a like.

Harry Stoltz says:

This is so satisfying to watch

Andreas Palmqvist says:


Joe S says:

i thought the three button layout was a bit odd…however if you go to the website, the kits are all 6 button.

jordanzish says:

Just needs one more button for that Neo Geo goodness.


Chad Rupnarine says:

Love your taste in music dude. Keep it comin.


love it
but 6 button interface in the flick, cool vid thx

JeffreyQProductions says:

Is the screen large enough for comfortable single player gaming? This is my biggest hesitation. If you're playing a racing game like fzero or mariokart, is it really big enough? What are your thoughts?

William Gottlieb says:

That kit is amazing! The cabinet just screams for that faux woodgrain peel and stick laminate that I saw on so many conversion games back in the golden age of video arcades in the early 1980's!

Omi says:

Hello, what type of "foam tape" is the one that is used? regards

Jonathan Mayer says:

Inside bead of glue doesn't do all that much but yellowish mess

BearyGoodGames says:

Oh my that looks awesome! Thanks for making this video 🙂

Jung Kaleb says:

hey i want buy u r Arcade ….pls and how much?

William Hayden says:

Having a hard time finding a decent site for ROM's

Marc Carpi says:

Disculpame amigo, pero me podrias decir que tipo de diametro tiene el cable que usas. En españa no encuentro ese tio de cable, necesito saber su diametro…. muchas gracias y un canal que mola mucho

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