Building a Custom Arcade Cabinet, Part 1

Building a Custom Arcade Cabinet, Part 1

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Our next Tested Project is a custom arcade cabinet, built from scratch! Norm and Tested contributor Wesley Fenlon have been working on a cocktail cabinet build, using designs and recommendations found online. In this introductory episode, we discuss the design of the cabinet and our parts list for building. We also bring in Adam’s friend (and ex-ILM modelmaker) John Duncan to supervise and provide guidance for woodworking in Adam’s shop.

Video shot and edited by Joey Fameli

Read more about the design of our arcade cabinet here:



Chester Szeto says:

Super storm Sandy.

Hugh Mungus says:

ging needs a bigger shirt

zimThuet says:


Ian Lackey says:

Sucks I am just now watching this. I have a nice digital library of old diagrams for cabinets. Very detailed and most are from manufacturers. Downloaded them over a decade ago. Some table top but no 4 player table top.

Yang Rose says:

If you had to open any boxes then it would take WAY longer. Thank You Premium Members.

Gothtecdotcom says:

8 minutes of faff…build the damn thing….

Virtual Arcades says:

There is a company whom builds these direct from the lumber mills, warranties and delivers inWashington state. Mens Room Arcades is their name and they are on Clist quite frequently. The equipment is Brand new. Hope this helps people out there and special thanks for making the video.

readyrepairs says:

theyre a cute couple.

ThatWolffe says:

I unsubbed from this channel ages ago just because norm never lets people finish talking, always talking over them! fuck off norm!


Nice cant wait to see it complete!…….PEACE


Nice cant wait to see it complete!…….PEACE

Ammar Azizi says:

FINALLY A SHORT VIDEO!! I hate you guys make a long duration videos…

Pul5ar says:

What's the spinner for? Another controller?

hazonku says:

Great video! This is one of my bucket list builds that I've wanted to do but just in the research phase I put it on hold for all the reasons you guys mentioned about lack of shared knowledge out there. So thanks for sharing!

Garth Palmer says:

i wann try out a Sanwa JLF with a bat top sometime

Anonymous says:

I am a VFxSupervisor and Arcade Builder ! Very nice Series of videos ! I will keep my eyes on it ! 🙂 Love to build Arcades ! 🙂 There´s some videos of my arcade on my youtube account ! 🙂 Too bad i am another country and can´t participate on the shows. 🙁 

CaptainEO420 says:


Richard Frank says:


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