Building a full size mame arcade cabinet start to finish

Building a full size mame arcade cabinet start to finish

So i was wondering how fast i could build a cabinet if i stopped fecking around most of the day, 4 hours apparently. this is sped up 12x in some parts and 8x in others.

I’ll post the real time video later so you can follow along



Robert Frias says:

I'm designing my own MAME minimalist cab and wall mount monitor but that cab is baddass! Well done sir.

Uchiha Takeshi says:

Using an LED monitor isn’t the best for an arcade machine… I think and LCD or even a CRT will both look better and cost a lot less

Abs Delfuego says:

My friend you're absolutely right. just for you, the next vid will be using just minimal tools like a jig saw and a cheap drill. I've been meaning to do it for a while

Hiram Guerra says:

Easy to do when you have every tool imaginable. Cool stuff.

Yancade hand built games machines says:

Not widescreen it should be 4:3

Fabio Coltro says:

Hello do sell ma me configured?

Michael Jensen says:

Dude, I love that you added the pinball flippers / shooter, and even a track ball, that's fucking awesome. 🙂

Dciplz says:

good work im doing the same thing soon

Abs Delfuego says:

They all have the exact same settings in options. That's an old version in the vid January 2017 release

Tomas Sivak says:

Which version is the mame emulator thanks

straccio says:

hi, i want to do mine myself, i'm searching a project, is possible to have the Measurements? thx

Closet says:

Awesome build. Im looking to build myself a 2p mame-station but the wife says no 🙁 If you build another arcade cabinet "stealth edition" i'd be very interested since Im out of ideas.
I also love the inclusion of the trackball. All the mame shells Ive looked at seems too complicated for a noob like me.

AXIS says:

what wood do you use?

BlackDvil says:

Awesome work man!!!
Good job. You're an true artist!
Respect from Israel

Bill Gates says:

Bad ass man,,I wish I could build this

Luchinorobico 1907 says:

Respect from Italy…..great job man!!!!!

leomoto Mossoró says:

Amigo tei como passa as medidas pra eu fazer meu

Justin James says:

Hey mate, What kind of router bit are you using to cut out that timber?
Last machine I built I pre-cut with a jigsaw and then trimmed with a flush trim bit, but obviously what you're doing would be much much easier!
I'm assuming that it has a bearing on the arbor to trace along your jig?

Raija says:

Does it still run? did anybody buy it off of you? lol Also do you ever use high end wood for these things? like Oak or Redwood?

vortex42studios says:

Great video.

Armenius X says:

Do you sell them?


Hey m8, I contacted u months ago about getting some help with a build. Happy to say I got it about 1/3 way done. Cut the side panels and base. Put them together. Just waiting on buying a pc. I have the monitor and buttons too. Waiting on a joystick n amp etc. So was going to ask can u get good deals on pc's? I have a friend who said he can get them cheap through his work but yeh just shopping around as I was really impressed with your website n vids. Looks like you know alot about arcades man. Awesome. Really impressed. So yeh once I get more done maybe I could buy the pc from u and pay u for that and installing the software and configuring the control panel etc. The finishing touches. Anyway, I suppose I'll contact u asap when I can purchase the pc. But let us know if u can help or not? Cheers m8

standard931 says:

Nice work bru, this has given me motivation to attempt my own build (buying in a flat pack though)

Larry Maxwell says:

What processor and at what ghz? I'm trying to figure out how old of a CPU I can go

Bit-Ter says:

great job man!

Poopin Finoopin says:

Quite a fancy porn cab.

Italo Queiroz says:

OMG, how much it cost to you make 1 for me?

Private Channel says:

I Like to Make Stuff Bought us Here


Are you on speed…………….lol

Wish I had the tools……………

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