DIY Arcade Trackball Build

DIY Arcade Trackball Build

Documenting the process to build your own arcade trackball.
Parts: Non-optical trackball mouse (use can use optical though), 4 pieces of copper wire about 4in. long (I used cat5e that I stripped apart.), plastic project box from Radio Shack, 2 arcade buttons with Micro-switches, double-sided industrial tape, 4 3/4in. plastic cylinders for a mount.



Jess Ragan says:

You sound like a less enthused Bill Murray.

Red Creed says:

I'm using a computer how would I wire the track ball to work for the computer (I'm also have a PC tower thing)

John Phillips JP says:

nice. any ideas for a diy spinner?

RamjetX says:

Its a red LED in a Blue ball… The Blue ball is filtering out the red light. Use the same brightness blue LED instead and it'd be 1000x brighter than the red LED.

Mame Addicts says:

Yes, nothing fancy, just an old track ball mouse….non-optical, so it uses rollers (like an arcade version track does) rather than a led and camera (optical).

The only thing I really modded here was the ability to use arcade style buttons on it.

iwonderifthisislegal says:

Hey man, is that just a mouse ( track ball type )?

eliaskementse says:

Nice vid Chris!

mcface1111 says:

nice couldnt be a better timing.My controller parts all just arrived today, and just was thinking that i need a trackball!

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