DIY RetroPie Arcade in a Fancy Wooden Box

DIY RetroPie Arcade in a Fancy Wooden Box

How to make a portable RetroPie gaming system in a fancy wooden box.

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Music by Joakim Karud



Play-Wood with Viktor says:

Amazing job! A lot of DIY'ers out there, but 1st time I see someone trying to incorporate gaming into DY 🙂 very creative! 🙂

Daniel Avendano says:

Nice job man, looks awesome!

Phil Pinsky Productions says:

Really great project and awesome video. The only criticism is the low volume of the voiceover. I kept having to raise my volume to hear you, then the music would kick in and blast my ears. Fix that next time and you're golden!

Dan The Maker Man says:

Cool build!

Crafted Workshop says:

Great work man! Really good overview of the electronics side. Working on my first build involving a Raspberry Pi, excited to get it started!

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