DIY Wood RetroPie Arcade Stick: Build Log

DIY Wood RetroPie Arcade Stick: Build Log

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Rômulo Medeiros says:

Hi! I really enjoyed this video, can you pass me the measurements for a 2 player control?

The Highlander says:

I found your channel through Kevin's video: ( )
I built my own sticks for playing Robotron because it was hard to find a twin stick setup. I used the same controller boards you have. They haven't caused any problems for me other than Windows being confused about what each stick is called.

I like your wood work, it's well done.

CaptainCrumpit says:

did you make sure you weren't drilling in reverse? that can be an issue, i found when i was making mine out of Aluminium

Award, Winner!! says:

Is there potential for it to get too hot? I assume not as it’s not like you just invaded a whole pc in a wooden box. Regardless, good one and good to watch.

Цао Цао曹丞相 says:

Looks like wooden coffin for the dead with buttons 🙂

Trusteft says:

You can buy a full PC for that cost.
ANYWAY, good for you that you made it. Have fun.

Connorjohnlogic says:

Would have been cool if it worked as a controller too for sega megadrive/Super Nintendo

davidevoid says:

Ooof, a lot of time and money to put this together. What a project! Would love to do this myself one day.

Mike Garcia says:

Good video man.. I'd say maybe look at making a twin battle stick, make it worth the money I guess

and Nioce hills hoist mate 😀

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