Exploring an extremely early build of Project DIVA Arcade! (2010, 1.01)

Exploring an extremely early build of Project DIVA Arcade! (2010, 1.01)

In this video, I run through the semi-playable build of Project DIVA Arcade based extremely closely on Dreamy Theater. There are 40 songs in total, those songs being all of the ones available in Dreamy Theater and then added Edit Songs and two Arcade songs.

As you can see, there are many motions (ending screen mots), sprites (link, symphonic dive) and menus (belt, rank) that haven’t been seen before!

Thank you to Samyuu for creating the tool for the semi-playable footage we have here today, MLAC.

Do NOT ask for download links for MLAC or this build, it will not be shared.



Ownsadog says:

Ngl, the menu design is horrible looking, but graphics wise, this game looks amazing for 2010…

MiZen Manner says:

Oh, and the build of that game is public lol


Great , thank you !!!!!!


how to into the dubugmode

YiShen Li says:

first of all… what? what was that motion even used for 😭
second of all… the mocap person rly did that 👁️👄👁️

Tilted Cheese says:

Is it just me, or len look like it came from f?

nastysdsi says:

Both PDA 1.01 and MLAC are public BTW

pyro maniac says:

I love the hair physics without pre-rendering

6 4 R R 3 7 7 says:

I remember watching a video footage of this early version of arcade in camera quality, but not the debug menu :O

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