How To Add A Coin Acceptor Mechanism To Your RetroPie Arcade Build

How To Add A Coin Acceptor Mechanism To Your RetroPie Arcade Build

In this video, I show you how to wire and set up an Arcade Coin Door / Coin Mechanism Acceptor on your Raspberry running RetroPie.
This X-Arcade Coin Door is one of the best coin doors in have found so far and I can defiantly recommend for your Arcade build.

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Limited Edition says:

For anyone who is asking about the quick connector he is using to join the coin door wire to the usb encoder, they are called quick disconnect female, and depending on the quick connect male you’re going to use .110 or .187 just make sure you buy the same sized female.
eBay or amazon has heaps for sale.

Carl Brown says:

A prime are you going to do a follow up video to your coin machine going inside your alpha cade?

Marijn Robijn says:

Great video! 1 question: Can you disable the option of going in the emulation controller menu? Because now it seems like anyone can just hit the 2-button combination and change the "select" button to whatever they want. I hope my question is clear.

Atsard- Dali says:

I want to put a coin door in and install an illumination kit without soldering the PCB to my Galaga 1up cab.
The unit I purchased from Twisted Quarter
Says I need a 12v power supply ..

See all kids of options I think on Amazon, but don’t have the foggiest, and Radio Shack is no longer in business.(The Old School Radio Shack )

If this is possible can you point me in the right direction

Looks like I should have went with X Arcade instead As it has a power supply

Jason says:

How do you switch to free play for when you have a bunch of people over?

Phil Sortino says:

can you link where you got the quick connects used in the video please? I am stuck on that part.

Blackholebacon says:

hey is there any way to set these games to free play for when i just want to play on my own without having to find a quarter? or perhaps have a button as well as the coin acceptor connected as the same input

Detroit Love says:

Love ETA Prime but sometimes he don’t give all the complete details. He is using these mystery quick connects that anyone can buy and use while telling us to solder which is not so simple for the noobs. Can someone provide a link to the quick connects?

Chlero's eyes says:

I'm a little confused new to all of this so what you're saying is you need arcade games in order to use the coin acceptor ? I wouldn't be able to use a Mario ROM persay?, or will it just become another select button on the ROM?

cMARVEL360 says:

For anyone that is smart and has the money…. if you can take away anything from the 1Up Arcade in terms of knowledge. It would be that that there seems to be enough demand for someone to start a small business in selling Arcade shells for people to fill in with their own stuff. Or a small she'll with included buttons so someone can buy all they need in one go and just install their own Pie or whatever it is they want.

adam stevenson says:

ETA PRIME i need to talk to u im pulling my hair out trying to get this to work

TLil21 says:

Did you pay $20 shipping for the coin acceptor?

Aaron Zamora says:

Do you have a tutorial explaining how to do a raspberry pi exactly like the one you show? Link please! I liked and subbed…

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