How To Build A Full Size Arcade !

How To Build A Full Size Arcade !



Have you ever wanted to build your own Arcade machine/cabinet? Given the amount of gamers out there I’d say probably so ! What about one that will play just about any game from any system? Sound too good to be true? It’s not! It’ll play MP3s as a jukebox too! For those DIY people at home who want to do something like this, but don’t believe they can, this video is for you! Hopefully everything that I’ve detailed in this instructional video will cover anything you need to know that isn’t on the PDF plans you may be downloading in the near future 🙂 If I left anything out, please feel free to ask in the comment section and I will do my best to answer! Now get busy building your dream machine! Lol



David Mitchell says:

Where are the plans

Planet Geekdom says:

Great job man! Check out hyperspin for your front end!

Ninja2bceen from hyperspin here.5 years exp, about 2500 hours in my complete 5 Tb setup. It’s got virtually all the add ons and looks seamless. I’m filling the time void now but making tutorials for hyperspin doing a tut a night. As I get more subscribers I’ll share my media. Check out my showcases!

antony pozzuoli says:

Really inspiring! I really like how you did the bezel, it looks nice and the black sides keeps it from being too distracting

joshua wiegand says:

Love the cabinet! How long would you say it took to build?

Jim's Dad says:

Insane build man! probably the best ive seen yet!

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