Project Battlecade – A Retropie Arcade Cabinet – The Concept & Internals (pt1)

Project Battlecade – A Retropie Arcade Cabinet – The Concept & Internals (pt1)

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Special thanks to for their support. Check for the parts you see in this video.

● Description
Welcome to Project BattleCade. Today we learn about the inspiration behind the project and see the internal parts. We’ll need to build a case, create the artwork, fit the internals and fine tune the setup if we’re to make this a success, before throwing a BattleCade party to see what people think.

● Music
Outrun Arcade – Game Over Theme
Space Harrier – Arcade Music Stage 1
Gemini Wing – Arcade Music
Gauntlet 2 Arcade – “You found my treasure”



RetroManCave says:

Thanks for watching I hope you enjoy this project. Check for the parts you see as well a much more. Thank you to for their support on the project we're really excited to share the finished result as well as the challenges along the way. Neil – RMC

ohiotech1 says:

This is a near exact copy of a project I just started documenting for me and the kids last week. Having found you today gives me hope and hype that my head to head battlecade project is going to happen. Liked, Subb'd, Hyped and making a shopping list – PM'd you a case suggestion.

jmalmsten says:

I've been racking my head about how to build a portable arcade machine for two players that is… well… actually portable… and I am embarrassed to say that doing it Battleship style with dual cloned screens never entered my mind… dammit, now I have to get another 19 inch 4:3 screen… but that would solve a lot of issues.

Although while folding the controllers over the screen (as suggested here) might be good for portability, would it impact sturdiness?

Also. If 16:9 screens are the only available option for getting two matching screens at a reasonable price with decent specs… is there a way to have game-specific artwork on the pillarboxes using the retroPie instead of just black bezels?

The Kong says:

2 screens and arcade? You will need to build a mini red tent

dunderdotten says:

This got me more going than upcoming season of the Walking dead 😀

bwgti says:

Great! My son and I built a Lego RetroPie machine for Christmas. It's pretty basic. But the retropie software / operating system is excellent for what it is. We are excited to see what your level of finesse and attention to detail will bring to this sort of project!
Don't make us wait a month though…

Gurt Lush Gaming says:

Another cracking video mate. It was ace to see the old Battleships game at the start. It's still a favourite of my son and I. This is an awesome project. Looking forward to the nest vid – Jase

The Eggman says:

Awesome project something ive wanted to do myself…made a few fullsize cabinets n my time a bit of advice ,do mock ups of bezels etc in cardboard its cheap and or FREE and helps you workout any issues before wasting more expensive materials.

P Star says:

Loved pt 1 and can't wait for pt 2. It's very interesting that a few bits of electronics can make hours of fun. Great vid as always RMC 😁…Kim


This is soooo awesome!!! I cant wait for the next installment!! Your the only channel I have the bell notification with!!!

Nathan Divino says:

Great project, very much looking forward to this series.

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