The Arcade Project – Part VI – Custom Horizontal Cabinet

The Arcade Project – Part VI – Custom Horizontal Cabinet

It’s been a while but I finally made some progress on my arcade cabinet build, bit of a cheat, but my brother in law built his own cabinet quite a few years ago and was clearing out his garage. So it’s a little old and has a few issues to sort out, but it allows me to make some progress without having to wait until I can build one from scratch.

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WatchReadPlayRetro says:

With that panel cut down and shaped and a nice marquee, that cabinet will look great! It's amazing how far home-made arcade cabinets have come in recent years, it just needs a bit of love and updating, so it's made it's way into the right hands!

shenmueso says:

very nice. playin retro games on a cab elevates the experience somewhat.. and i'm not just talkin about your seating position.. aha. a ha ha ha.. thankyouimhereallweek.

LastofAvari says:

Good build!

Calling All Nerds says:

I use maximus arcade on my and its fantastic, so easy to use and looks great. Not sure if you can still get it. How do you get a pc to run on a crt tv? i have an arcade monitor in mine and its be broken for about a year, as I can't get anyone to come and have a look at it. iIwas thinking about replacing it with a old crt tv.

Big G from SA says:

Great setup. I need to get cracking on my project. Still fiddling with controls and cabinet look. Cheers

Dave Imagamegeek says:

I use Hyperspin in my Bartop and Game Ex in my cab , Hyperspin is a lot easier to use now it's been updated to 3.0 Tony

Dave Imagamegeek says:

Good luck with the project Tony

Mr C0ns1st3nt says:

A very nice project Tony. My wife has categorically said I cannot have an arcade cab in the house, so I am in the process of divorcing her 🙂 it is actually on my list to do once the garage is clear and I think I am going to have a look at mGalaxy.

EdT1138 Classic Gaming Enthusiast says:

I was curious about mGalaxy. I like the simple layout.

Moon Patrol, good choice.

That television displays a surprisingly clear picture though an s-video connection.

I just upgraded to MAME .165 and grabbed the complete .165 rom set. This is the first time I have had MAME set up without having a bunch of broken games.

Gashead Steve says:

Got me wanting a machine now dam it Tony 🙂

Polaventris says:

Nice addition to the collection! If I ever had an arcade cab, it would definitely be a mamecab.

The Highlander says:

Dramatic voice change there Tony. Must have been a while between recordings. You can't beat playing games on a cabinet really. Can't wait to see it all finished up. Didn't know you were skilled in the wood crafts as well.

StigsWorld says:

That is one ugly control panel ! LOL Nice addition to the room Tony. Sometimes I miss my Mame cab but it was fun while I had it.

amigaoldskool says:

Am not clued up on arcade cabs but these look absolutely fantastic tony very very nice … great video and enjoyed this very much as I maybe one day looking into a cab 😉

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