10 DIY Furniture Ideas For Absolute Beginners

10 DIY Furniture Ideas For Absolute Beginners

As you may have heard before, making your own furniture is actually not as difficult or as complicated as you think. In fact, some projects are so easy anyone could successfully complete them. For example, making a cute stool out of a old tire is a real piece of cake and if you’re in need of a coffee table you can easily put one together using wood crates. There are a lot of ideas worth exploring so start with the 10 DIY furniture ideas for absolute beginners.

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Angela Chi says:

WHAT CRAP!! Very disappointed at the LOW QUALITY of ideas & work. A tire, really? WHO in their right mind would have that huge toxic product in their home – that is what a carport is for!!

Tatiana G. says:

I liked only a table made from wooden boxes, the rest is way too much effort for little result.

Melissa Ingham says:

Wow! Beats biying crappy pressed wood furnitute at the big box stores.

Chris Camp says:

The cost it takes to make all that stuff you could just buy it gently used and it wouldn't look all homemade either … I like projects that are made from trash or general materials everyone has at home that cost pennies to make now those are good projects !

Banny Apuhin says:

Nice and doable

Kerri says:

What's that item called at 8:38 that's being screwed onto the wood?

Angela Wilhoite says:


Kipah MTP says:

Love the video..πŸ‘

Julie Baker says:

The storage bench with the crates and baskets with the fur on top needed wheels in the center on the bottom too. I noticed that it bowed a bit when the girl sat down. It would not have held a heavier person without center wheels to support it also.

Sarah B says:


Catherine Buck says:


Elaine Howard says:

Wow, I think I could quite easily do all of those DIY projects, it’s not often you see β€œDIY projects for beginners” and it’s actually true. Big thumbs upπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Muskan Khokhar says:

really very nice

xBettyjo says:

Love the last coffee table!

Prakash Ram Surat says:

Wow your video is awesome

Rodney Widger says:

Very nice but for us older folks the writing telling us what the next item is could be a little bigger. I look forward to seeing your next video

Ryama Tour says:

Nice! I like the stool from bin!

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