6 Easy Rope DIY Projects

6 Easy Rope DIY Projects

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Ninja Kitty says:

My dad would love the wine/beer bottle candle hack!

Lana Shirazi says:

I can just hear the cries of the fanfiction writers in response to the word "orbs"

junior sharp wolf says:

Just so u know, it’s not easy

Ari says:

What a waste of rope 😫

Nicholas Armstrong says:

See the filming of this got me like 😩😩😩

Jonghyun4life says:

What about a hanging one?

lidette711 says:

This is one of the first videos I've seen from Nifty. Reposted?

Loreless Luminesce says:

I would smack right into the balloon rope thing when I'm walking.

Kana Ken says:

Rip all the glue it took to make all this

Clorox Bleach says:

I great rope DIY is to tie it around your neck and hang the rope up!

Pedro Ruffie says:

Essa musica ta meio copia de pais e filhos

Babar Suhail says:

Another compilation??

guigui guiga says:

Woow !! Love it !!😍

Joyce Li says:

Really helpful for us rock climbers.

Nuhaa Davis says:

Decorative petrol bombs?

Peggy242 . u . says:

tunnel snakes rule

sarahwinkler77 says:

Does anyone ever do these?

eli hauser says:

those rope rugs could also be place mattes

Oviya Kumar says:

8th comment

lotheeus says:

DΓ©jΓ  vu sur 9000.

une vidΓ©o gΓ©niale quand mΓͺme 😊

Sister Squad says:

Only 5 comments dangs

Nikolett Tantos says:


Crazy4Cats says:

Why am I always early to nifty I don’t even like nifty

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