Backyard Project Day 2 | Build With Me

Backyard Project Day 2 | Build With Me

The building project continues! Will it snow? Will it rain? Nobody knows but when we do projects we are ready for anything!

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Wanna go on an adventure? This has been our family’s motto from the start!
We are about to embark on our greatest adventure yet! Join us here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Wednesday and Friday to see what adventures we have had.

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Life with the McIntyres says:

Great job on the build. We put a pool in the backyards and just don't have enough room to do a play structure but I wish I would have left room. Just another family channel here to support and send you guys some sub love.

Mommy & Mia Homeschool Chronicles says:

Aww this was so awesome and his reaction love it!

Rebecca Shepherd says:

Great work, it's never easy putting these things together

Ta'Neisha K (Married2KDK) says:

Such a beautiful home and I know he was ready to play

Roots of Diverse says:

Aww super cute…. Love that yall did a continued part ❤

Raising Our Little Ones says:

Your kids play area is awesome!

MamaWit Haven says:

Wow, that looks like it was a lot of work! I bet it was totally worth it to see your son's reaction though! ❤️

The Homeschooling Grammy says:

AWWWW he is so excited!!! He is gonna love it!

Jasmine Hewitt says:

time lapse gives me the impression even i can do this, lol

Russells Loving Life says:

I bet he was ready to go outside once he looked out the window. I cannot wait to see the finish result.

Jodi Saladino says:

Loved the time lapse! He is going to love it! Can't wait for the continuation!

Road Traveled Less says:

Time lapse makes it look easy but I bet that project isn’t easy!

Chaos of mommy life says:

I like it a lot. He was so excited.

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