Backyard Project Part 2

Backyard Project Part 2

In part two I’m seeding the leveled area. And of course, the kids are helping me. Well, some help and some cannon balls =P

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Angie Kritenbrink says:

Oh yeah… that baby loves peat moss haha

Daniel Macias says:

What is that u mix with ur seed?

D. Gentry says:

Looks like you forgot 1 thing for the Cannon Ball he needs a pool back there the plain ground may hurt some haha

drumermp says:

Cannonball! Haha cute kids bro! Seriously love it – Im in same season as you, and kids love helping daddy with the yard. Very glad I found this channel. Take care!

Mitchell Lewis says:

If you cover the ground with clear plastic, like a 4 mil painting plastic. I got some 30 day seed to sprout in 14 days that way . But once it's at a inch sprout leave it uncover or it will kill it.

Daniel f says:

We use an athletic field blend for houses with small children. Forget what is in it but it does really well.

Bugpumper McGee says:


Shane Bretey says:

And young lady.

Shane Bretey says:

Cute little dude.

Blue Grass King says:

I've seen KBG midnight germinate in 6 days consistently, granted it's planted in the fall, soil prepped and covered with peat, and under regular irrigation. I'm interested in hearing how you like the rye compared to the KBG.

dwaynecarlin says:

I do love blue grass but I have moved over to rye over the years. I have a pain of a yard with slopes and banks and blue grass was not practical with wash out being a issue. I have come to favor the rye because of its germination time and durability will take a beating form the kids and dog. BTW I love my little Wizz, but it can get bogged down when using the edge guard.

chris ryan says:

Looking forward to how that area fills in and I also am interested in what the difference in the grass appearance will be between the KBG and PRG.

The Yard Freako says:

Depending on how much shade you have, fine fescue is awesome in those areas. Looks like thin bladed rye or KGB.

Johnny Utah says:


Connor Ward says:

oh yeah…. nice choice

Micky Early says:

Should look great when its finished. Look forward to seeing the final result. As always enjoyed the video.

dannyny says:

I have a section of my grass that I'm not happy about. Looks not as good as the rest of my lawn. Can/should I kill it off and reseed it or should I try power racking and core areation before I do that. I may have bentgrass.

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