Backyard Project Part 3

Backyard Project Part 3

As we continue the backyard project, I installed trellis for rose bushes to climb. It should make for a really awesome look once they fill it in!

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Grass Daddy says:

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Dean Anderson says:

Leave him and his little boy alone you want to see trashy these guys running around with their pants halfway down that's trashy

marvideo says:

Great videos, thanks for sharing. Maybe in the back corner there use more of the wood tacked together to make a 90 degree angle and screw the lattice to it. That'll tighten it up.

DNWARR1 says:

Love your videos with your little helpers, but do you realise when you are not looking they will be climbing up the white trellis

James-west oz garbo productions says:

Good video and work! its starting to look really good !

Butch says:

Congrats on 10K !

purpguy69 says:

Zip ties in your corner

Bayside 500 says:

i really enjoy your videos, but please put some pants on your little boy , that is so trashy seeing a kid in diapers in public 🙂

R Bear says:

Use zip ties to hold it together.

Wayne Essar says:

That will really show off those roses!
When you mentioned that the turf was going dormant……almost all the turf here is "door mat"!

Michael Mohr says:

That corner needs a swinging bed to lounge in and read new TLF posts after a good mow.

KnightOf Light says:

When you were giving a behind the scenes look I noticed two bolt ends sticking out from the U joint will you be making them flush to the Lattice because I can see that being an accident waiting to happen. Great video all in all though

Johnny Utah says:

Maybe tie wrap the corners together?

leineau garcia says:

I love videos man kepp

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